Watch Candace Cameron Bure Recreate An Iconic Full House Moment

Fuller House has gone hard on the nostalgia since it first premiered on Netflix earlier in 2016. Now, it looks as if at least one of the cast members is totally cool with reliving moments from her past in real life. On Wednesday night, Candace Cameron Bure was invited onstage during a Beach Boys concert and was able to reenact a big Full House moment that happened when she was 13. You can check out her performance with the Beach Boys, below.

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Candace Cameron Bure took to Instagram to share the moment, which is fortuitous for Full House fans everywhere. While at the Central Park show, The Beach Boys invited Candace Cameron Bure onto the stage, where she danced during the band's rendition of pop hit "Barbara Ann." She also briefly popped over to where the pianist played and helped to sing along. The move echoes the time when she was shooting Full House back when she was 13 and her character was able to go up onstage and perform a couple of fun pop songs with the popular American band.

Way back during Season 2 of Full House, Danny got really excited when he learned the Beach Boys had signed on to appear on his talk show. The visit to his show unfortunately didn't work out, but Candace Cameron Bure's character ended up landing a couple of tickets to the Beach Boys concert and had to decide who to take with her. Because all is well that ends well on this sitcom, eventually the Beach Boys called the family home and invited the Tanners to visit the show, where they got to perform onstage. Here's how the original version looked:

Season 2 of Full House aired way back in 1988, so it's been nearly thirty years since D.J., Danny, Stephanie, Uncle Joey and the rest of the gang took to the stage for the first time. Luckily, D.J. Tanner, erm Candace Cameron Bure, seems as if she still is having a pretty great time. You can catch her and the rest of the gang when they return to Netflix for Season 2 of Fuller House early in 2017. In addition, here's what we know about the upcoming episodes.

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