When The Flash Season 3 Will Bring Harrison Wells Back

If you've been worrying that you'll miss Harrison Wells when The Flash starts up again next week, never fear. We now know when the Earth-2 character will show up again. The Flash has released a synopsis of Episode 3 from the upcoming Season 3, revealing that Harrison, and his daughter Jesse, will be returning to Earth-1 in that episode, which will air on October 18.

Barry and his friends at Team Flash will meet up again with Harrison Wells and Jesse when they pop back over to Earth-1 from their home on Earth-2 during the third episode of the season. And, it looks like Wells is coming back with some big news about Jesse to fill the team in on.

EARTH-2 WELLS AND JESSE RETURN TO CENTRAL CITY --- Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash are thrilled to reunite with Earth-2 Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (guest star Violett Beane). Wells confides to Barry and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) that Jesse has all the powers of a speedster and has been saving people on his Earth. He is concerned about her safety and wants them to talk her out of using her powers. Meanwhile, Magenta, (guest star Joey King) a new meta who can control metal, terrorizes the city.

Interesting. It looks like Jesse did, indeed, get enough of that Speed Force, between getting hit by the wave of energy when they set off a new particle accelerator explosion and having Barry actually wake her up from her coma by passing some of the Speed Force on to her, in order for her to become a member of the fastest person alive club. Jesse has always been a stand up kind of young woman, so it makes sense that she would use her new found powers to try and help people. Of course, this means that she's now a target for every bad guy and evil meta still left on Earth-2. And where there is Jesse in potential danger, there is Harrison Wells trying to get his beloved daughter out of the line of fire.

Let's not forget, when Jesse was being held captive by Zoom during Season 2, Wells went to great lengths to try to free her, including traipsing over to another Earth and coming very close to betraying Team Flash in order to get his daughter out of Zoom's speedy clutches. Luckily for the team, Wells turned his back on Zoom and let them help him free Jesse. Unluckily for Wells, Jesse then got to spend several months watching a superhero speedster at work, and this means that she really does know what kind of risks come with the, usually thankless, job. This also means that she probably won't be easily swayed by anything that Barry and Caitlin have to say about her needing to stop her heroic acts. I think everyone is going to have an uphill battle on their hands when trying to get Jesse to stop saving the day.

In fact, I can see Jesse not taking no for an answer and offering to help Barry and the team take down new meta Magenta. Unless, of course, she's left her superhero suit back on Earth-2. Never leave home without easy access to your super suit. Rookie mistake, Jesse. Rookie mistake.

Season 3 of The Flash debuts Tuesday October 4 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Adrienne Jones
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