How Bruce Campbell Prepared For Ash vs Evil Dead

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Bruce Campbell's character in Ash vs Evil Dead is so awesomely outlandish that it's hard to imagine how he could have possibly prepared for the role in the real world. Short of chopping off his right hand and practicing the best ways to wield a shotgun with his left, there just doesn't seem like much he could do to get ready to slip into Ash's blood-soaked shoes once more. As it turns out, however, Campbell discovered a couple simple things he needed to do to reprise the role of Ash. He said this about his prep for Ash vs Evil Dead:

To get ready for Ash I just had to stretch a lot more and stop eating bagels and cream cheese.

Well, that answers that. Bruce Campbell's reveal of what he had to do to become Ash for the first time in a live action starring role since Army of Darkness in 1992 makes a lot of sense. He's not the same spry young fellow he was back in the day, and Ash vs Evil Dead involves a lot of physical action. Besides, stretching more and giving up heavier foods might have even helped him get into character. Could somebody who is out of shape and stuffed full of cream cheese really last more than a few hours in a world filled with Deadites? We'll probably never get to see Ash doing yoga on screen, but it's definitely a fun image.

Bruce Campbell revealed what he gave up to play Ash for Ash vs Evil Dead in a Reddit chat, and it's not the first time he's shared that not everything on the show has been easy for him. Apparently, being doused in fake blood isn't any more pleasant in 2016 than it was back in the days of the Evil Dead films. Ash may look badass when coated in blood and mowing his way through Deadites; Campbell evidently feels less badass and more sticky when it comes to the blood. And he doesn't even have cream cheese to console himself.

Still, Bruce Campbell has never been anything but enthusiastic about Ash vs Evil Dead and all its campy glory, and he's already said that he's on board for the show through at least Season 4. His campaign to get an Emmy nomination for the show deserves an award itself. Who needs cream cheese and loafing around when there's a hilariously horrifying series to produce?

Ash vs Evil Dead only just kicked off its second season, but it's already been renewed for a Season 3. Season 2 got off to a crazy start, and it may only get crazier. Tune in to Starz on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Ash and Co. in their epic battle against the Deadites.

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