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Warning: spoilers ahead for "The Last Children of Krypton" from Supergirl Season 2.

Supergirl made some major changes in the first two episodes of Season 2 that will make for a very different show from this point on. One of the biggest changes is undoubtedly the departure of Cat Grant. We already knew that Cat would have a smaller role on the series due to Calista Flockhart's limited availability in Vancouver. Now, we know why she's leaving CatCo: she's been a big fish in too little a pond for too long. Cat feels the need to move on.

There were actually a number of ways that Supergirl could have written Cat Grant out, and we can count ourselves lucky that she was able to leave on her own terms. She wasn't forced to take a leave of absence because of an illness, and she didn't have to leave CatCo in disgrace because of some professional misstep. The show could have have picked a more melodramatic method of accommodating Calista Flockhart's limited availability. Instead, we got a bittersweet farewell that didn't close the door on her easily returning.

Unfortunately, there's no saying at this point when we can expect to see Cat reclaim her throne at CatCo. She left James Olsen and newcomer Snapper Carr in charge of operations at the company, and Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has admitted that he has no plans in place at this point to write Calista Flockhart back into the plot. Kreisberg had this to say about Flockhart's future on Supergirl:

We're still trying to work out her schedule, because she's got stuff going on with her family, and her husband is shooting a pretty big movie right now.

Andrew Kreisberg's reveal to EW that nothing has been worked out about Cat's return to Supergirl will come as a disappointment for fans of the character, but it's not hard to see why he wouldn't want to make any big plans for her as of now. Calista Flockhart's husband is none other than Harrison Ford, and the big movie Kreisberg is referring to is the long-awaited sequel to 1982's Blade Runner. Flockhart has a lot going on with her family, and family understandably comes before her recurring guest star role on the CW superhero series.

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Luckily for Kara, Cat didn't leave before dropping a few more pearls of wisdom on her protege. Kara got some valuable advice about her career as a reporter, and Supergirl got a pep talk about the importance of trying new things in life. Cat also managed to try one last time to trick Supergirl into revealing her identity, and there was no better way for her to make a grand exit. Hopefully we'll hear sometime soon when we can expect a grand re-entrance.

Tune in to The CW on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET to see what's next for Kara now that Cat Grant is out of the picture on Supergirl.

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