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It wouldn't occur to most people for brutal fight scenes to be a reminder of the holiday season, but, leave it to the folks at Netflix to use their Marvel heroes in the midst of a whole host of fights to celebrate Christmas. Take a look.

Wreck the Halls

Sweet Christmas!

Posted by Marvel's Luke Cage on Monday, December 19, 2016

Ah, yes. That's the holiday spirit, right? There's nothing like getting your ass kicked by Daredevil, Luke Cage or Jessica Jones to make you wish for the peace and tranquility of egg nog by the fire and carols with your family. This little Christmas promo was put up on the official Luke Cage Facebook page, and I have to say, if nothing else, it will make you want to re-watch all four season of the Marvel heroes that have aired on the streaming giant so far. Man, they are good at beating the crap outta people who need to get the crap beaten out of them.

In a clever, and very apropos, take on the favored Christmastime saying "deck the halls," we're treated to a video mashup of some of the times that Daredevil, Luke and Jessica have felt it necessary to "wreck the halls" during their various crime fighting antics. It's actually kind of brilliant, since our heroes seem to fight it out in hallways and destroy people and property therein on a pretty regular basis. I mean, really, what's going on when an honest superhero can't even get all the way into a room to get their fight on? You'd think the standard villain would want to wait for their beat down, but, apparently, they like to come meet it in the hallway. Oh, well. Takes all kinds, I guess.

This also makes a lot of sense because, well, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Daredevil do a lot of fighting. One of the things that's most talked about with regards to the Marvel on Netflix shows is how well-choreographed and realistic (considering the superhero powers, of course) the fights are. Anyone who watched the first season of Daredevil, for instance, will remember that awesome and totally badass hallway fight that saw him take out an insane number of bad guys in order to rescue a kidnapped kid. Literally no one who watched that extended fight scene could forget it any time soon, much like the Season 1 Luke Cage fight against a whopping number of Cottonmouth's men, who all brandished a variety of, ultimately useless, weapons against Luke as he worked his way through their main hub.

You can check out all the wrecked halls in Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage right now on Netflix.

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