The CW has created a small empire of DC Comics-based shows, and the connected universe comprised of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow has been a source of all kinds of superhero entertainment over the years. Supergirl joined The CW in Fall 2016, but it still remains separate from the other three series as it takes place in a different in a different dimension. Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow are all set on Earth-1 while Supergirl is set on Earth-38. But is that necessarily a bad thing? Not really.

Supergirl taking place on Earth-38 has meant that crossovers to other DC TV shows aren't quite as simple as hopping the train to another city, and 2016 afforded a couple of big opportunities to combine universes and simply incorporate Supergirl into the Arrow-verse. But it didn't expressly happen, and here are 7 reasons why Supergirl is best left on its own on Earth-38.

Alien Threats Don't Fit In The Flarrow-verse

Each DC TV show pits its heroes against a certain kind of antagonist. Oliver fights human villains on Arrow, Barry battles metahumans on The Flash, and the Legends combat timeline-related threats on their show. But Kara Danvers battles aliens, and most of her bad guys are so powerful and nearly unstoppable to the Girl of Steel herself that they could squash the heroes of Earth-1 without too much trouble.

The only time that the good guys of the Flarrow-verse fought outer-planetary foes was in the "Heroes v. Aliens" crossover when the Dominators arrived on Earth-1, and it took all of their combined forces and an assist from Supergirl to emerge victorious. Supergirl's aliens are just too big to fit into the same world where Oliver Queen's biggest foe is another archer.

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