Sharknado 5 Is Happening At Syfy, Check Out Who's Coming Back

Sharknado 5 is officially a thing and many familiar faces are returning to the shark infested franchise! Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and Cassie Scerbo will all be making their return for this tongue in cheek Syfy hit. The film starts shooting today and will take place in Bulgaria, the U.K., Australia and a couple other places. In case you haven't been following each and every film like I'm sure literally everyone else in the world has, here are some breakdowns on the cast that will help you play catch up.

Tara Reid in Sharknado 5

Tara Reid, whose character's fate was left up to fans for Sharknado:The 4th Awakens _(so clever), will return as April Wexler. April is the estranged wife of main man Fin Shephard (who we'll get to in a bit) and has changed slightly if you haven't been keeping up with the films! In _Sharknado 4, we learn that April has been badly injured and would likely be dead had her father not turned her into a cyborg. I know, but are you really surprised that Cyborgs exist in a world where tornadoes spontaneously appear with killer sharks inside of them? Anyway, April is now a cyborg that can now fly and shoot lasers out of her hands. She's basically like Iron Man if Iron Man didn't have a suit and was a woman and not rich. Really the only thing they both have in common is they both shoot lasers out of their hands and need robotics to survive...

Ian Zierig in Sharnado 5

Of course, we can't have a Sharknado film without our leading protagonist Fin Shepherd (Ian Ziering)! Fin has had a tough time having to deal with both his ex-wife and a bunch of sharks attacking, but he's been tough enough to make it all the way to now so I gotta give him credit for that. No word on what's in store for Fin in this most recent story, but the ending of the last movie implied we were going to be seeing a global crisis of sorts, which seems to be confirmed by the multiple shooting locations. Let's hope Fin can survive another round of spinning sharks in Sharknado 5!

Returning cast in Sharknado 5

Making her return to the series is fan favorite Nova (Cassie Scerbo) who, despite the series best attempts to kill her off, keeps finding herself back in the fray. The first film saw the former employee of Fin Shepherd get swallowed whole by a shark, and after a brief cameo in the fourth film where she emerges from a crumpled Eiffel Tower, Cassie is back and (we can hope) less of a hero than her former lover Lucas (played by Frankie Muniz), who sacrificed himself to blow up a Sharknado in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No. Muniz is just the tip of the iceberg as dozens of celebrities have lent their talent to the cheeseball series and I can't wait to see who Syfy convinces to hop on for Sharknado 5.

There's no word yet on when the film is set to release, but you should have enough on our plate with new shows already. If you don't be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide!

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