How Mr. Clean Totally Trolled The Other Super Bowl Ads

Even if you are not a sports fan, the Super Bowl still provides plenty of other non-football entertainment that makes it well worth your time. The commercials and advertisements have become highly anticipated affairs, and companies really duke it out to see who can air the funniest or most heartwarming Super Bowl ad of a given year. However, last night the real fun took place on the Mr. Clean Twitter account, as the cleaning product's social media profile provided awesome color commentary on a ton of other commercials. Check out one of the tweets below to see what I am talking about.

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You probably never expected the Mr. Clean Twitter account to go rogue like that, but it made for some of the best jokes of the entire evening. The business' profile started roasting other companies whenever their commercials would air during the Super Bowl, and the whole thing struck a perfect balance between funny and weird. It is pretty clear that the graphic design department and the social media department at Mr. Clean were both working synergistically last night because I never really thought that I would get a chance to see this chrome-domed advertising icon with such a glorious mane.

The jokes clearly didn't stop with the Honda tweet. Mr. Clean followed that up a couple of hours later with some solid wordplay about having "nice buns" -- Kings Hawaiian buns, that is. Here's the tweet:

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Who doesn't love some solid innuendo? Also, Mr. Clean deserves bonus points for expert use of subtweeting in that last example. Last night's Super Bowl was obviously an exciting affair for anyone who watched, but Mr. Clean dominated the social media game the entire time.

Of course, I seriously cannot finish talking about this without including my favorite Mr. Clean tweet of the evening. Take a look below to see why we love it so much:

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And you thought the commercials had developed a reputation for sexiness. I have to admit, Mr. Clean has some moves.

Now that the official countdown to the next Super Bowl has officially begun let's keep our fingers firmly crossed that the Mr. Clean Twitter account will continue this new tradition when the next game rolls around. We will bring you all of the latest and greatest television news as more information becomes available to us.

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