Disney Aired Its First Animated Same Sex Kiss, Here's What Happened

star vs the forces of evil

In the world of animation, Disney is the reigning king, and its empire has grown even more immense in recent years with an ever-expanding slate of original TV programs. But despite setting all kinds of bars, Disney animation doesn't tend to strongly reflect modern society, and as such hasn't featured a mouth-to-mouth kiss between same sex characters. At least not until a recent episode of the Disney XD series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, in which a musical performance featured not just one but two same sex pairings locking lips.

The episode in question was called "Just Friends," and centered on Star taking Marco to a concert for the band Love Sentence. But even though she's crushing on Marco, Star also invites the apple of Marco's eye, Jackie. When the titular song is performed, everyone is singing and happy...or at least that's what Star thinks. When she looks around, though, everyone around her is actually engaged in the throes of smooching, including Marco and Jackie! But while that's undoubtedly what Star is concerned about, viewers got to see something even more shocking.

In the shots of the crowd around Star, beyond the static shot folks directly behind her, all sorts of happy lip-locked faces are seen. But unlike any similar scenes in any other Disney animated projects, these weren't just kisses between males and females. Check out the first one.

star vs the star of evil same sex kissing scene

That's huge, right? No, not that one guy's talent for growing a cartoon 'stache. The fact that this particular common display of love and romance made it into a Disney XD series. And that it wasn't even the only one. There were two more shots where two females had that loving feeling. (Whoa-oa, that loving feeling.) Of course, Star wasn't feeling the good vibes from any of this, and she ended up tearing ass out of the concert to go cause a little destruction. But her absence didn't stop those nearby from continuing to jam to the sounds of Love Sentence.

Though it was the first episode to do so, this wasn't the only time that Star vs. the Forces of Evil gave viewers something along these lines, as the Season 2 finale featured a moment where a child was having fun with what appeared to be his two dads. Which, in many ways, is even more meaningful than kissing.

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Though its first two seasons have wrapped, there will be much more to come from Star vs the Forces of Evil, as DIsney XD just renewed the show for a fourth season yesterday, and Season 3 is set to debut at some point later this year. Just don't expect anything like this.) Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what will hit the small screen in the near future.

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