You sit through a Walking Dead binge-watch for too long and you might start to forget that these characters are actually normal people living fun and enjoyable lives, which sometimes happen to include acting on one of TV's most dark and dour series. Thankfully, AMC has always been pretty good about offering up behind-the-scenes photos from each season, and while some of those images can be series and/or gross, most of them are pretty damned hilarious. Take Andrew Lincoln standing next to his stunt double on the Ferris Wheel seen in last week's "Say Yes." Or double-take it, like we did.

That is too damned hilarious, seeing Rick Grimes and Rock Gromes standing together like that. (Or maybe it's Andy Lincoln and Randy LinkedIn.) Okay, so that's reallly Felilpe Savahge standing there in slightly larger clothes than the similar-looking ones that Lincoln is wearing. Although one would not be blamed for thinking that Savahge was actually created in a lab from just a sample of the sink hair left over after Rick's big shave-down in Season 6.

Someone should make a coffee table book full of TV and movie actors in recognizable roles standing next to their stunt doubles. Hell, The Walking Dead has had enough characters in it that just the ensemble cast could be a part of it. Someone call Simon and Schuster. No, not that Simon.

Here, Rick is standing next to another bearded guy, but one that he's usually meant to be cowering alongside, and not laughing hysterically with.

Since I already have a fictional coffee table book cooked up, I might as well also mentally 3D print myself a pair of Rick Grimes and Negan action figures in exactly these poses. I picture Andrew Lincoln saying something funny - perhaps the way he pronounces "leather" with his Brit-neck accent - and then Jeffrey Dean Morgan starts laughing and farting at the same time, which just makes them both start guffawing. And then Morgan sticks his ass back and farts on an extra. The real All-Out War starts here.

At least we've seen both Rick and Negan smiling this season, so it's not the most outwardly ridiculous thing to see those actors doing it. Below, though, we get something that The Walking Dead Season 7 was light on.

Norman Reedus hijinks, everybody! Hide your wives (unless you're into that) and maybe don't let him have access to your vehicle. (Here's why that last part is a rule.) Given how much of a prankster Reedus has been known to be around The Walking Dead set, one assumes that giving co-star Lennie James bunny ears for a picture was just him gearing up for something bigger, like blasting Seth Gilliam in the face with a crossbow full of silly string. I know that's probably impossible, but Reedus knows a guy.

Now that you've seen some of The Walking Dead's best behind-the-scenes shots from Season 7, head to the next page to find more.

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