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In the years since Dave Chappelle ditched Hollywood for inner peace, the comedian has sporadically performed live stand-up for comedy clubs and festivals, and has gifted audiences even rarer moments of TV stand-up. But thanks to an extremely lucrative deal offered to him by streaming giant Netlix, Chappelle will finally give his fans more full-length comedy specials, and we now know what to expect from the first one, thanks to the hilarious trailer below. Check it out!

I could not be more pumped about seeing Dave Chappelle take the stage again (on my TV) for more comedy. As great as he is in every other capacity of his public career, I think he is at his best and most accessible while on the stage. (Which isn't to say Chappelle's Show is far behind or anything.) And Netflix is dropping not just one new special but TWO of them, as Chappelle raided his private show archives to provide both a Los Angeles set and an Austin set for fans to dig in on while waiting for an all-new special produced specifically for Netflix.

As you can tell, the jokes that are being used in the specials could have come from yesterday or a year and a half ago, without much to differentiate the times. And pretty much everything he talks about is mildly uncomfortable. The salt in black people's diets being bad enough to kill them. ISIS beheadings. O.J. Simpson. I wonder if there are any Ebola jokes, and how hard he goes on the election campaigns of all involved political parties.

Seriously, though, that last joke about O.J. and Nicole Brown will probably be my biggest laugh of the day, unless some other amazing moment pokes its head in somewhere. That's just a classic set up for a joke, and one featuring a punchline that sounds oh so natural coming out of Chappelle's mouth. Plus, it's still pretty topical, considering People v. O.J. Simpson was an accolade-earning win for FX, not to mention ESPN's O.J.: Made in America winning the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary.

Netflix has been killing it in the stand-up comedy department lately, dropping millions upon millions of dollars on everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Amy Schumer to Jim Norton and many more. Much like its upcoming push with reality TV, the streaming giant is taking advantage of the lower budgets that unscripted projects require. If we could just get the legendary Stephen Wright to do a Netflix show next, and then we could have him and Chappelle get a little Half Baked reunion going. And speaking of, Chappelle recently made his mark as a first-time host of Saturday Night Live, and he'll soon be heading out on the road with Norman Reedus for AMC's Ride.

Thankfully, we won't have long at all to wait until we get to see Dave Chappelle tearing it up on the stage again, as Netflix will drop the specials in one fell swoop on Tuesday, March 21, at 12:01 p.m. PT. Check out everything else coming to the small screen with our 2017 Netflix schedule and our midseason premiere schedule.

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