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While one popular group of animated superheroes, The Incredibles, will carry on its adventures with another big screen adventure, Disney's 2014 hit Big Hero 6 will live out its foreseeable future through our televisions, and even though the upcoming TV show isn't set to fist bump our eyeballs until later this year, the network is apparently pumped with everything that's been put together so far, as Big Hero 6 has already earned a Season 2, set to presumably debut in 2018.

Get ready for loads more sci-fi-tinged action and hijinks from the trouble-filled city of San Fransoyko when Big Hero 6 gets here with Season 2. I mean, we're still waiting for all that stuff to happen with Season 1, but now there's no worrying about only getting a short-lived small screen stay within this universe. Seriously, San Fransoyko is a massive setting that could easily offer up one twisting and turning story after another, and Hiro, Baymax and the rest of the team are definitely diverse enough to supply all the laughs and drama needed for kids and adults to cheer along.

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When Big Hero 6 does arrive on Disney XD, it will jump into the story soon after the events of the feature film, and just because one villain has been defeated, that doesn't mean no one will fill soon fill that spot. We do know that almost the full cast will be back for both Season 1 and Season 2. So get used to re-hearing Ryan Potter as Hiro, Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon, Scott Adsit as Baymax, Jamie Chung as Go Go, Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass, David Shaughnessy as Heathcliff, Alan Tudyk as Alistair Krei, and Stan Lee himself as Fred's dad.

The changes will be Brooks Wheelan as Fred instead of T.J. Miller, and Khary Payton as Wasabi instead of Damon Wayans Jr. As well, there's no sign that we'll be getting any more from Daniel Henney's Tadashi, who was Hiro's brother, nor James Cromwell's big villain Professor Callaghan. Perhaps surprises await us, though.

Check out a flighty new shot from Big Hero 6's TV debut below.

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(Image credit: Photo courtesy of DisneyXD)

Before we get any real taste of Big Hero 6 Season 2, however, we get to experience the entirety of Season 1, and you can look forward to that kicking off on Disney XD in Fall 2017. (This show doesn't even need a concrete release date to get renewed.) In the meantime, head to the next page to see an awesome video involving Stan Lee and more performing the Baymax fist bump, and then check out our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere guide to see all the other new and returning shows that will hit the small screen in the meantime.

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