How David Boreanaz Feels About Saying Goodbye To Bones' Booth

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David Boreanaz has been a fixture on primetime network TV for more than a decade thanks to his role as FBI Agent Seeley Booth on Fox's Bones. The show will soon be coming to an end with the finale of its twelfth and final season, and Boreanaz is looking back at his journey as the show's leading man. When asked about saying goodbye to Booth, Boreanaz said this:

When I started the show, I was so in tune with specific props for him---pens, belt buckles, socks. I would do interrogation scenes with my shoes off and the striped socks... so I made it part of the character. He carried a zippo in his pocket because of what it meant, and there's the watch we never even got into, what was inscribed in the watch. There's so many detail-oriented things that I wish we could have tapped into. We did somewhat, but yes, it was difficult saying goodbye. At the same time, it was very refreshing.

When we first met Booth back in the pilot, he seemed like he could have been just another mildly snarky but straight-laced FBI agent character. It was when we began to see nuances in David Boreanaz' performance and spot the quirks in his character that he became a person unlike any others on the small screen. Despite the regulation suit, he wore wacky socks and a "cocky" belt buckle and a fun watch. The actor's reveal to EW that he wishes the show had gone more in-depth on some of the details that went into his props goes to show that he put a great deal of thought into his work as Booth.

Of course, it's a bit surprising than one of the two stars of the show has to lament that the show didn't tap into a certain plot. The show has carried on for a whopping 12 seasons and gone through all kinds of stories. Evidently, there was somehow never room or the right time to delve into some of the background details about Booth. Still, I'd say that Booth has had a pretty complete journey on the series. We may never have gotten into everything that made Booth who he is, as David Boreanaz said, but he went through a lot of character development that had nothing to do with his props. Even if David Boreanaz does have a regret or two, he can be proud that he crafted such a popular and long-lasting character.

Given the state of TV nowadays, there is always that chance that we'll someday find out more about Booth. The series finale presumably won't pack in a breakdown of all Booth's props into its final hour (although David Boreanaz did direct the last episode), but maybe a reunion could happen someday. Boreanaz has said that he's not a fan of reunions in general, and he did land a new TV gig that could keep him pretty busy if it goes well, so we'll have to wait and see. Who knows? Maybe Bones could go the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly route and continue in comics.

Tune in to Fox on Tuesday, March 28 at 9 p.m. ET to catch the series finale of Bones, and don't forget to check out our midseason TV premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide for all your other viewing options.

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