How Much Money Ken Bone Made After Going Viral During The Debate

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The 2016 president election season was filled with all kinds of gaffes, mishaps, and misfortunes, but there were also a few bright spots. One such bright spot was Ken Bone, who made a name for himself during the second debate when he stood up in a delightful red sweater and asked a question. He became a viral sensation, and according to a recent reveal from Mr. Bone himself, he made a pretty penny off his fame. He said this about how much he made:

About $135k from t-shirt sales and endorsements. In addition we're at nearly $50k for charities.

Note to self: wear a red sweater if you're ever going to be on TV. Ken Bone revealed the whopping amount of money he made for simply asking a question at a presidential debate in a recent Reddit AMA, and it's more than I would have guessed. Bone went on to explain what he used the money for, saying that he paid off all his debt other than for his house and student loans. Evidently he and his wife put some in a savings account and used another portion to make improvements on their home. I assume they also bought a spiffy frame for that red sweater to immortalize it in their home forever.

If you're surprised that you're still hearing about Ken Bone almost six months after he became a viral sensation, you're not the only one. Apparently, Ken Bone is quite frequently asked about his sense of fame. When posed the question of whether his 15 minutes are up yet, Bone had this answer:

Based on the number of people who ask me this same question every damn day, I'm going to say no.

He seems to be pretty exasperated with how frequently he's asked if his time in the spotlight has come to an end yet, and I can't say that I blame him. Sure, it's a bit surprising that he's still a talking point six months after he first made headlines, but that's not a question I'd want to have to field a couple of times every day. I do wonder if Mrs. Bone gets any questions herself; Ken Bone revealed shortly after the debate that she is the one who dressed him for the event. She really deserves some credit as well.

Of course, the Bones might not have been looking for the kind of attention that must have come with the Sexy Ken Bone costume this past Halloween, but at least they made a pretty good chunk of cash for all the attention. We'll have to wait and see how much longer it can last.

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