Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't yet completed Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

Even though The Walking Dead takes place in a world where survival has lost its distinction as a constant, Season 7 managed to introduce seemingly more characters than we'd met during the previous six seasons combined. Fans definitely lucked out with new blood like Ezekiel and Jerry, to name a few, but we all know that an abundance of living and breathing bodies just means there are more people to kill off with veracity when Season 8 returns.

While we have a lot of questions about what The Walking Dead will offer up in Season 8, there are some things that require no contemplation or conjecture, such as which characters definitely need to die. (No more Jerry references, so no worries there.) We've rounded up the seven characters most in need of a brutal exit, and let's start off with one of the most bizarre new faces the zombie drama has offered up in recent years.


It's absolutely possible some of those Scavenger folks aren't wholly deserving of getting sent to that car-lined junkyard in the sky, most of them are, and the one with the biggest Target shopping bag on her head is the group's leader Jadis, a less-than-expert at small talk and keeping promises. It's true that Rick is a Class A dolt for ever believing Jadis in the first place, but she doesn't deserve to continue taking shit from people after double-crossing Team Family, even if she justifiably got dicked over by Negan. However she ends up getting killed, I hope it involves her haircut.

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