The Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer Is Epic And Action Packed

It's just a Star Wars trailer weekend over here. Not only did the excellent teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi drop yesterday, but now we've got the trailer Season 4 of Star Wars Rebels. The animated series follows the adventures of the Rebel Alliance crew of The Ghost, as they fight against the oppression of the Empire. It's a pretty excellent series and, courtesy of Star Wars Celebration, we have an idea of what challenges face Ezra and the gang. Check out the trailer below.

It was confirmed by co-creator and executive producer Dave Filoni that Season 4 will be the last season of Star Wars Rebels. Filoni revealed this information to the crowd at Star Wars Celebration, and that the Ghost crew will make their final stand against the Empire. The trailer certainly has a definitive tone, as Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) narrates the opening, stating that she never thought it would "end like this." Star Wars Rebels takes place a few years before Star Wars: A New Hope, meaning fans will finally learn which characters survive to see the fall of the Empire. Hera is already confirmed to survive, but Jedi like Ezra and Kanan are much more up in the air.

There's plenty to see in this new trailer, which is packed full of emotion, action, and new and returning characters. Admiral Thrawn returns in his attempt to crush the Rebel Alliance, as well as Imperial Officer turned Rebel Agent Kallus. Rogue One fans also probably saw the quick shot of Saw Gerrera, who first appeared on the show in Season 3.

Star Wars rebels Saw Gerrera

If you were a fan of Star Wars: Clone Wars, you may have also noticed a different familiar face who shows up quite a lot in this trailer: Bo-Katan. While not a major character, she was a member of Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group. She was the sister of the Duchess Satine, Obi-Wan's kind of girlfriend, and we haven't seen her since the conclusion of Clone Wars. She's got plenty of scenes with fellow Mandalorian Satine, and wielding the Darksaber, which is kind of like a symbolic weapon of Death Watch and Mandalore.

Other notable moments from the trailer include plenty of Rebels vs Empire action, space battles, and Hera using warp speed to PLOW THROUGH a battleship. They aren't messing around for the final season, which Kanan stating the whole purpose of he and Ezra becoming Jedi has led to this moment. Seeing as how having two Jedi running around at the same time as Luke would be problematic, things aren't looking too good for those two. Oh, also this:

Star wars Rebels riding a wolf

Yeah, that's Ezra and Satine riding around on a giant wolf. Is it some kind of Force Wolf? I don't know, but I can dream (#ForceWolf).

Star Wars Rebels will air its fourth and final season in Fall 2017, so stay tuned for any and all future updates.

Matt Wood

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