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How The Defenders Villain Ties Into All Of Marvel's Netflix Shows, According To Mike Colter

Luke Cage Puzzled Marvel The Defenders Netflix

We're about three months out from The Defenders' debut on Netflix, and we still know little to nothing about Sigourney Weaver's villain and how she ties into all this. Now, thanks to Luke Cage star Mike Colter, we may have a little more knowledge about both her and the rest of Marvel's streaming series:

The villains that we're dealing with are a combination of several entities, and they all have something to do with our separate stories that have been played out in each of our own individual series. This has been going on for awhile, it wasn't obvious each individual series but in this series, you will find out that things that happen to all of us. Basically, we're all becoming but because of one entity, and that's what's going to kind of tie things together and then we'll see that and we'll understand that and before you know it eventually we'll fight together or not.

Mike Colter gives a lot, while almost giving us nothing at the same time, in his quote to TV Guide. We've seen the obvious connections between Daredevil and Iron Fist with The Hand being prominently featured in both, but what about Jessica Jones and Luke Cage? I'm very interested (and puzzled) regarding how the antagonists from Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's worlds both play into Stick's approaching war. It's hard to imagine Black Mariah and Kilgrave being guided by the same overarching hand.

It could just be that the Big Bad is simply threatening to destroy New York, which is not something Luke Cage or any of the other street-level heroes would want to happen. Other villains' arrivals, along with how Sigourney Weaver's character plays into all the plotting, remain a mystery. But we could easily start listing off new and returning foes we'd want to see.

And what a mystery Weaver's Alexandra is, with her first picture showing someone with the class of Wilson Fisk that perhaps houses far darker intentions on the inside. While Mike Colter teased "several entities," it's been stated that she's the ringleader to this big event, and things sound like they could get pretty serious for The Defenders. Just how serious could something get, though, without requiring the help of the Avengers?

It appears as though things will get serious enough for Daredevil to suit up midday, Colleen Wing to leave New York City, and for Elektra to be raised from the dead. Mike Colter mentioned in his interview that there were a couple of fight scenes in particular that will be exciting for comic book fans to see. Considering he said all this after The Defenders trailer was released, one hopes he's referring to much more than the showdown between Danny Rand and Luke Cage, which already has me even more excited for what's to come. The trailer also had a cool hallway battle sequence, one that hearkened back to Daredevil's Season 1 fight scene, that I really want to see played out in full. I would also love to see some new characters introduced, although given that this adventure is already so jam-packed with people, I won't get my hopes up too high.

The Defenders will join forces to save New York City beginning August 18th on Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT. If you're always hazy on dates and when your shows will premiere be sure to bookmark our summer premiere guide as it is a must have resource for all shows new and returning to television. It's also a great idea to bookmark our finale guide as it can help you keep tabs on when all your favorite shows are drawing to a close.

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