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We've been getting fed bits and pieces of information regarding Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra, and while Marvel has remained tight-lipped, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter seemed to confirm she was the villain running the show in The Defenders. Now, some new information from a costume designer has us thinking that Weaver's Alexandra might be one of two well-known Marvel demons, Mephisto or The Beast.

An interview with costume designer Stephanie Maslansky in the International Business Times revealed that the costume for Sigourney Weaver has a European look while remaining "ancient." Of course, The Hand is an ancient organization, but why would its leader prefer an ancient wardrobe if she wasn't ancient herself? There aren't a ton of "ancient" Marvel foes that The Defenders could stand against, although Mephisto has been a popular theory regarding Weaver's character. When you add in the ancient context and start considering the character, it begins to make sense, at least from a fan and logical perspective.

Mephisto Marvel Comics

Mephisto, while typically portrayed as a male, is a demonic immortal created by Marvel with real life roots based in German folklore. With powers listed as superhuman strength, the ability to project illusions, near invulnerability, and manipulation of memories, he's about all of The Defender's abilities rolled into one. Mephisto was first played by Peter Fonda in the 2007 Ghost Rider film, which isn't too fondly remembered, and there's been chatter about bringing the character back over the years. Considering Mephisto has long been a fan favorite with Marvel fans and has a history of raising the dead, it wouldn't surprise me if Marvel tapped Sigourney Weaver for the role. In fact, I think if you recast any female actress as Mephisto, that's who you do it with! While undoubtedly popular, Mephisto has had limited affiliation with The Hand, who, believe it or not, actually answer to a different ancient demon in the Marvel universe.

Enter The Beast. With powers ranging from turning dead bodies into dust to the possession of others. The Beast (not the X-Men member) is worshiped by The Hand and does not typically interfere in their affairs. The Beast is responsible for teaching The Hand a bulk of the magical techniques we've seen them employ and could be the reason all this freaky undead ninja stuff is going down in New York City. Furthermore, The Beast has a history with nearly every character present in The Defenders, so who's to say it's Mephisto when you have another demon actively being worshiped by The Hand?

The Beast Possessing Daredevil Marvel Comics

Put simply, The Beast is considered a nihilist. His involvement in The Hand is more of a muse to their destruction as opposed to a hands-on leader. Furthermore, outside of his knowledge to The Hand, The Beast can only act through those he possesses. Unless the long con is to take over the bodies of one of the heroes (which The Beast once did with Daredevil, as you can see above), it doesn't make much sense to take on a human form. Admittedly, The Beast sounds like a more likely option than Mephisto, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around why Sigourney Weaver's Alexandra is the vessel, if for no other reason than to put a face to a name.

We'll get the answer to whoever this ancient-dressing Alexandra is when The Defenders makes its debut on Netflix August 18th. Until then, be sure to hit up our summer premiere guide for new shows and keep track of when your favorites are ending via our finale date list.

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