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Could Bloodline Season 4 Happen On Another Network? Here's What The Co-Creator Said

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Back in 2015, Netflix upped the ante in its drama game, introducing viewers to the incredibly troubled and tragedy-rocked Rayburn family, as centered around Kyle Chandler's morally defunct ringleader John. Unfortunately, the upcoming Season 3 will be the drama's last at Netflix, cutting short the five-or-six-season plan initially crafted by the creators. Recently speaking with CinemaBlend and other outlets ahead of the final season, co-creator Todd A. Kessler addressed the topic of Bloodline continuing its story with Season 4 on another network or streaming service, but his answer sadly inspires very little optimism.

I think we're really happy with the end. All of us are super lucky to be able to do what we're doing. Whether it's acting, writing, directing. Netflix took a chance on this.

Naturally, a show that has featured roughly eight total minutes of optimism and positive vibrations wouldn't be the most likely candidate to provide easy hope for post-cancellation life. But one would assume that if anyone out there would want the best for Bloodline and its throat-clutching narrative, it'd be creators Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman. So if they're content and confident in closing the book on Danny and the rest of this beer-swilling squad, I guess we should just trust that things will play out as they're meant to (i.e., with lots of yelling and blaming and secret-revealing).

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Yeah, that looks about right. Following Netflix's decision to cancel Bloodline after its third outing, the creators came out and said they ended up streamlining a host of their original ideas for the potential Seasons 4-6 in order to fit them into this last batch of episodes. (And we're only going to see Ben Mendelsohn's black sheep Danny for a small handful of episodes/scenes.) So it makes sense that the creative team might not necessarily be interested in keeping the story going beyond Season 3, since it would require further reworking and re-expanding of an already truncated storyline. As well, any replacement network would assumedly be willing to pay the pricey costs of filming in the Florida Keys, which is what led Netflix to end Bloodline so early, as the company was no longer privy to the state's TV production tax credits.

As a huge fan of Bloodline, I definitely want the show to last as long as it can without John's forehead-vein exploding and flooding the family's inn. And if Season 3 is indeed all that's left, I'm going to accept that, assuming everything that happens to Sally and Kevin and Meg and Ozzy is indeed justice incarnate. At least now we know what Todd A. Kessler & Co.'s intentions are before reaching the end of the finale and desperately wondering if there's more in the pipeline. (Check out what one of the stars told us about Bloodline's series finale.)

With only 10 episodes left to completely wrap up the sordid and murder-happy tale of the Rayburn family, Bloodline Season 3 will hit Netflix on Friday, May 26, at 12:01 a.m. PT. Our Netflix 2017 rundown will show you everything the streaming service has coming, and then head to our summer TV schedule to see when all the other new and returning shows will be popping up on the small screen.

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