Why Bloodline's Series Finale Is So Satisfying, According To One Star

kevin with his hands up on bloodline

Though Bloodline has only been on Netflix for two seasons so far, the drama has featured at least six years worth of tension, agony, and beach sweat. We're not going to get to six seasons, though, and Bloodline Season 3 will be our last year with the tortured Rayburn family. But there's not necessarily a reason to get all wild-eyed like Danny or Ozzy, because star Norbert Leo Butz told CinemaBlend's own Corey Chichizola and other outlets that fans are going to find satisfaction with this final chapter. In his words:

I think they'll be satisfied. I think the show ends. I think it's honest, I don't think it's manipulative. It ends. And like I said, it's a very hard thing to do. But I think it's really satisfying for people who have spent a lot of hours of TV watching.

There's something amusingly quaint about the Tony Award-winning Broadway star Norbert Leo Butz referring to dedicated binge-watchers as "people who have spent a lot of hours of TV watching." His point is still amazingly valid, though, especially for fans thinking that Netflix's financially-guided cancellation would force the hands of creators Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman into drawing the curtains on Bloodline in a way that felt overly melodramatic or uncharacteristically over the top. After all, they'd planned a few more seasons for this familial tale.

It's almost surprising to hear the word "honest" being used to describe Bloodline's series finale, considering next to nobody within the show's high-stakes world is ever honest with anyone else. While one might have thought that Sally didn't keep as much from her kids as they keep from her, that Season 3 trailer made it seem like she's got all kinds of smoking guns hidden away. And Marco came about as close as it got to a golden child, but Norbert Leo Butz's Kevin was last seen murdering the shit out of him, so there went that. We assume that incident leads to why Kevin's hands are up in the image above, but what is he freaking out about in the image below?

kevin freaking out and crying on bloodline

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I can't even offer a realistic guess or expectation for where I think Bloodline will cap off Season 3. It seems like Kevin deserves to go down for Danny's death, among other things, but he probably saved a lot of people a lot of misery by taking Danny's life out of the equation. Meg will likely be the one pointing fingers at whoever takes the multiple falls, and I can't say I see Nolan or Eric living through all ten episodes. But I bet Kevin screws something up.

Get all the clear beer and fly swatters you can find, because Bloodline will hit Netflix for its third and final season on Friday, May 26, at 12:01 a.m. PT. Check out our Netflix schedule for everything else coming in 2017, and then head over to our summer TV guide to see all the satisfying shows that are coming to the small screen soon.

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