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Barry and Savitar are finally facing off in tonight's finale for The Flash, although perhaps in a different way than we expected. See the two go head to head, as it were, in this new footage ahead of the upcoming Season 3 conclusion, and continue reading below.

Are those glassy eyes from Savitar a sign that Barry Allen may have found his key to defeating the villain? We've been teased by The Flash that this ultimate showdown may not happen in the way we would expect, so you gotta think this points to the end of Savitar coming without punches thrown or footraces run. Barry reminisces on a favorite memory of his parents from when he was a kid, which draws attention to the fact that while Savitar is a broken time remnant, he still is very much Barry Allen. If his pain from his parents and more still cuts so deep after all Savitar has been through, how could he kill Iris?

That brings us back to our popular theory that Barry accepting his mistakes and embracing them is the key to saving Iris and ending Savitar's destruction. If Barry changes his tactics from attempting to alter the future to just accepting it, he could create a time paradox in which Savitar no longer exists. At least in some timeline. We can't say for certain that's what will go down tonight, but this clip from The Flash Season 3 finale would appear to indicate that things could very well play out in such a peaceful way. There's also a possibility Savitar could react aggressively upon Barry resurrecting all this pain, which I can also see happening.

The most confusing part about this clip from The Flash is Barry instructing Savitar to "come home." Is he talking about Savitar being absorbed into his own body, Cronenberg-style? If so, you'd have to think all that messed-up stuff Savitar went through in the speed force, as well as the influence of the Philosopher's Stone, would affect Barry in some way. Perhaps Barry is just being metaphorical, and "coming home" is more like him saying, "None of this happens if you end it." (I definitely don't think Barry is inviting Savitar to live with him in his apartment, even if a new roommate is needed.) Whatever it means, it sounds like it's the key to Barry saving the day and, most likely, Iris West.

We'll know for sure how it plays out, as The Flash will air its Season 3 finale tonight at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Tune into what should be the series most exciting episode yet to see what happens to Savitar, who might be in the grave, and whether or not Caitlin is doomed to remain Killer Frost. After the finale, head over to our summer premiere guide and start mapping out your TV schedule leading up to Season 4, and be sure to see when all your other shows season finales will be airing!

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