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The Flash Season 4 Is Making A Big Change Behind The Scenes

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The superhero universe on The CW kicked off back in 2012 with Arrow, but it didn't begin to really expand until the debut of The Flash in 2014. A team of talented executive producers has brought the show to life for the past three years, including super-producer Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Sarah Schechter, and the brothers Aaron and Todd Helbing. The team will look different in Season 4, however, as we now know that Aaron Helbing will be departing after Season 3.

The CW has confirmed to CinemaBlend that Aaron Helbing will not be an executive producer on Season 4 of The Flash. Suspicions arose about his level of involvement in the series moving forward after the synopsis for Season 4 was released and only listed Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Sara Schechter, and Todd Helbing as executive producers. We now know that the spoiler-ific synopsis was indeed entirely accurate on the EP front; Aaron Helbing will be done following the end of Season 3.

Despite the clue that Aaron Helbing would be departing as an executive producer, it does still come as a bit of a surprise. Both Helbing brothers have been on board the series from the very beginning, starting with the pilot back in 2014 and lasting all the way to the Season 3 finale, called "Finish Line." In fact, Aaron Helbing is credited as the writer for "Finish Line," and he has been giving interviews about the series throughout Season 3.

Whatever the reason for his departure, he clearly hasn't been winnowed out over time. Given the significance of his contributions to The Flash over the years so far, it should be interesting to see if there are any noticeable changes next season that could be attributed to Aaron Helbing's absence. He and his brother have worked together on a number of series, including Spartacus and Black Sails in addition to The Flash, so it's possible that not a whole lot that we see on screen will change since Todd Helbing is still on board. We can bet that a lot will be very different behind the scenes when production on Season 4 kicks off.

The confirmation of Aaron Helbing's departure comes only one day before the Flash Season 3 finale airs for the first time. Hopefully "Finish Line" will be a fantastic swan song for one of the people responsible for creating a record-breaking superhero show on The CW, and therefore contributing to the development of a massive superhero universe currently comprised of four primetime series. Be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW to catch the Season 3 finale.

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