Star Wars Rebels' Showrunner Just Debunked A Huge Ahsoka Theory

Star Wars Rebels is the place to be for small screen action set a long time ago in that galaxy far, far away. Set in the final years before the events of A New Hope, Rebels has incorporated Star Wars characters from many eras. Fan favorite Ahsoka Tano survived The Clone Wars and made it into the action of Rebels, but she hasn't been seen since Season 2. Fans have theorized that the big white wolf that appears in the Season 4 trailer is actually Ahsoka's spirit in wolf form. Luckily, Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni took to social media to debunk the theory, posting this:

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Dave Filoni celebrated his birthday with a gift to fans who have been wildly speculating about Ahsoka as the wolf from the trailer. His Twitter post makes it largely clear that wherever she is, Ahsoka is still Ahsoka and not a wolf or an owl. I'm sure Star Wars fans would have appreciated a clearer explanation about Ahsoka's state from Filoni, but given that he totally gave us a gift for his birthday, I'd say we shouldn't complain. At least we can put the wild wolf theory to rest.

Of course, Star Wars Rebels fans really shouldn't be blamed for wild theories when it comes to Ahsoka. She came to a decidedly ambiguous end back in the Season 2 finale. The former Jedi padawan was locked in a deeply personal battle with Darth Vader himself when they were left behind on Malachor. Darth Vader obviously survived and Ahsoka wasn't seen flying off to rejoin the rebels by the end of the episode, so it seemed likely that Vader had killed her. That matter would have been pretty much settled... if not for the oh-so-brief glimpse of what seemed to be Ahsoka, alive and descending down into the depths of the Sith temple.

We were left with kind of a lot of questions. If Ahsoka is alive, why was she entering the Sith temple and why hasn't she returned to the rebels? If Ahsoka is dead, was it only her spirit that we saw moving into the Sith temple? Why does the owl always seem to be around Ahsoka? All things considered, Ahsoka's spirit inside of a space wolf didn't seem too crazy.

The tweet debunking the Ahsoka wolf theory is the latest hint that we'll be finding out what happened to her. Dave Filoni was dropping hints that Ahsoka will be back while he was at the big Star Wars Celebration convention in Orlando, and voice actress Ashley Eckstein has revealed that fans will see Ahsoka again. We still don't know if Ahsoka is alive or dead, and we technically can't rule out Ahsoka's spirit inside of a rancor or a nerf or a space snail, but at least we can stop wondering if Ahsoka is really only coming back in the form of a wolf.

Season 4 will be the final season of Star Wars Rebels, and it may well be the last time that we see some of these characters. The Force users at least could be in mortal peril, as nobody in the original trilogy met Luke and said, "Hey, you should talk to Kanan and Ahsoka about the Jedi!" Be sure to tune in when Rebels returns to Disney XD in the fall. Don't forget to check out our summer TV premiere schedule to discover all your viewing options now and in the coming weeks. Be sure to drop by our rundowns for cable/streaming and broadcast TV renewals and cancellations as well. If streaming is more your style, our Netflix premiere schedule will help you out.

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