How Outlander Season 3 Will Be Changing From The Book

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Fans of Starz' Outlander have gone nearly a full year without any new episodes, and the wait isn't over yet. Season 3 isn't set to debut until the fall, and the only footage we've had to go on has been from the trailer. Luckily, executive producer Ron Moore has revealed a big way the third season will depart from the third book, called Voyager. Moore had this to say:

The majority of the major events are in the season, but we are probably going to reorder them and present them slightly differently. The third book is a clean narrative as opposed to the second book --which was a very complicated narrative. It still went to Jamie's storyline for a very long time and then Claire catches up.

Ron Moore's comments paint a slightly different picture of Season 3 than what book scribe Diana Gabaldon posted on Twitter back in May. Gabaldon stated that the show will be very close to the book when it returns, but Moore indicated during his appearance at the ATX Television Festival (via TVGuide) that the show will take some liberties with the the order of book events. That said, it sounds like Season 3 should still be pretty fabulous for lovers of the books. The big events of Voyager will happen; they just won't necessary be the way that we expected.

Of course, Season 3 will be doing more than just what Diana Gabaldon wrote in the novels. Episodes will evidently fill in some details in book eras that are still largely blank. Ron Moore went on this say this:

One of the things we wanted to do was talk about what Claire was doing in those 20 years as well. The way we've structured the season allows you to experience both [Jamie and Claire's lives] at the same time.

Jamie and Claire spent a long time apart after going their separate ways before the Battle of Culloden, and Season 3 will show more of what Claire got up to in the 20th century than what we read about in the books so far. She certainly had plenty to keep her busy, even without her hunky Scottish husband. With Frank back in the mix, a baby, and a medical career, there are undoubtedly plenty of stories about Claire's years after returning from the 18th century.

All things considered, Claire and Jamie will probably have major journeys of their own before they can reunite and get busy under the covers again. The trailer points to an intense third season filled with heartbreak, and we only have... well, about three months left to wait. Sadly, the Outlander drought is still going strong. For a look at what we already know, take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Outlander Season 3.

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