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The Hilarious Time Outlander's Sam Heughan Got Seasick On A Fake Boat, According To Diana Gabaldon

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Despite all the fame and fortune that can come with a career in showbiz, work isn't always glitz and glamor for many actors. Outlander leading man Sam Heughan had to do some distinctly unglamorous acting while filming for the upcoming third season of the Starz drama. He got seasick on a ship that wasn't at sea, and what was clearly a very unpleasant experience for him is actually pretty hilarious. Book author/show consultant Diana Gabaldon shared Heughan's seasick story, saying this:

They have these incredible full-sized ships with hydraulics on set which make them pitch and yaw like real ones. Sam had to throw up for one scene as it's no spoiler to say that Jamie Fraser gets seasick. He was standing there with a page of script in his hand looking more than disheveled, and he said to me he thought he really was going to be sick. Sam said, 'They've given me egg whites tinted green with the most disgusting vanilla essence in it. And I have to hold it in my mouth until it's time to throw up.' Of course, they shot the scene over and over again and at about the sixth time, Sam looked at the glass of egg whites before saying, 'Fuck my life.' So acting is not all glamorous.

Something tells me Sam Heughan wishes that Jamie's seasickness is one character trait that had been left in the books! If he made it to the sixth take with a mouthful of egg white, green food coloring, and vanilla before hitting the "Fuck my life" point, he has a stronger constitution than I do. Apparently there's no such thing as a "seasickness double" who could put on a kilt and pretend to vomit as Jamie for him. At least Diana Gabaldon's story to The Scottish Sun gives us some inside info on the filming of Season 3. It sounds like an elaborate set up if they have full-sized ships on set!

Luckily for Sam Heughan -- and for us, really -- the entirety of Season 3 won't see Jamie stuck miserably on a ship. The first trailer for the third season shows Jamie in plenty of action on dry land, although he's clearly not in for an easy ride. Diana Gabaldon also recently revealed that the third season will follow the events of the third book quite closely, which is great news for fans of the book saga. We do have a while to wait before we see Jamie in action, however, as Season 3 isn't set to debut on Starz until September. For a peek ahead at what to expect, take a look at our breakdown of what we know so far about Season 3.

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