The Weed Jokes The Workaholics Stars Hear The Most From Fans Everywhere They Go

If one were to make a Venn diagram of Workaholics fans and people who like to get stoned, one might expect a single circle with just a sliver of a shadow where the results don't quite match up. Show creators and stars Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson spoke with CinemaBlend to promote the essential DVD releases for Workaholics: The Final Season and The Complete Series set, and they clued me in on the weed jokes that they hear from fans the most. Here's one.

BLAKE: The one that lives the longest, or the one that seems to have the most legs, is just straight-up, 'Ya wanna schmoke a bewl?' We'll definitely get that across airports and restaurants across the USA.ADAM: Yeah, it's usually in the most inappropriate place. When you're having dinner with your grandmother and your family.BLAKE: And the waiter's like, 'Ya wanna schmoke a bewl? Fresh bread?...Or schmoke a bewl, perhaps?'ADAM: 'Ya wanna schmoke a bewl in the parking lot?' And your whole family's like, we saw the show; we know you're saying let's smoke a bowl.'

Tis a double-edged sword to craft a brevity-minded catchphrase that can permeate the zeitgeist in such a way, or at least the part of the zeitgeist that has a consistently dissipating cloud above it. Workaholics has definitely thrown more than its share of marijuana-laced humor at audiences, and it's far from surprising that "scmoke a bewl" would be the most repetitive callback that makes its way to the stars' ears while they're out and about.

Perhaps it also isn't the most belief-defying thing to hear waiters getting fingered as the ones who make the bewl-schmoking requests the most. Nor that these restaurant servers would be so brazen as to (perhaps sincerely) ask a customer to get high. Sure, there's some leeway there, considering Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson are co-creators and co-promoters of the catchphrase in question, but it's probably better to go with a Waymond joke or a "Best Friends Song" reference over a weed joke. At least in a professional setting.

It turns out that, within that subsection of restaurant-employed Workaholics viewers that make show jokes to the stars, there's actually a smaller and more topic-specific subsection. Here's how Adam DeVine and Blake Anderson put it.

ADAM: Also anytime I go into a burrito shop, I always get, 'Oh hey, would you like to order the burr-weed-o?' It may be our dumbest joke we've ever had, but it definitely resonates specifically with people working in burrito stands.BLAKE: Yeah, we really carved out that niche.

One of the first steps in being a success in the entertainment industry is to know your audience. And though there isn't a textbook on winning over burrito stand employees, being one of the creators of Workaholics apparently carries a lot of cred.

Workaholics unfortunately won't be gracing Comedy Central's primetime lineup with any new episodes (though the hopeful among us will continue holding out for an eventual reunion). But you can watch every single episode that's already been made -- as well as a slew of deleted scenes, cast and crew commentaries, outtake reels and much more -- with the Workaholics: The Complete Series set, which just came out on DVD on Tuesday, June 20. And if you already have the previous six seasons, then pick up the Workaholics: The Final Season set that hit stores the same day. Plus, keep an eye out for their upcoming Netflix comedy feature Game Over, Man.

And, of course, check out our summer TV schedule for all the new and returning shows hitting the small screen soon.

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