What Sleepy Hollow Season 5 Probably Would Have Been About

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Well, Sleepy Hollow ended its four season run a few months ago, but if you're still dying to know what would have been in store for fans in Season 5 we now have some details. According to series star Janina Gavankar, some interesting plotlines that started in Season 4 would have continued to be explored next season. Remember the shocker that was seeing a kraken come out of a lake at the end of the season? Well, that watery beast likely would have shown back up.

In fact, Gavankar revealed that the kraken storyline would have played a huge part in the Season 5 opener, which makes a lot of sense, seeing as how Crane and Diana had only just seen the monster when the credits began to roll. So, the idea of picking the season up with Team Witness still trying to figure out what the hell a kraken is doing in the Washington D.C. area and how to kill it or send it back to the watery depths sounds like a good idea to me. It also sounds like the sirens that Jenny alluded to when she called in Crane and Diana (who were never actually seen at the end of the episode) might have been a part of the big kraken case as well. Seems like someone (or something) was determined to fill D.C. with a lot of water-based mythical baddies.

On a much bigger note, Janina Gavankar divulged, in her talk to TVLine, some potential casting news that would have been pretty major for Season 5. The producers were in the process of deciding if the adult version of Diana's daughter Molly, who went by Lara and was introduced later in Season 4, would have been a permanent member of the cast in Season 5 and an official member of Team Witness.

If you'll remember, Lara was a time-traveler from the future. This version of Molly grew up in an alternate timeline where Season 4 big bad Malcolm Dreyfuss had succeeded in conquering America, and was partially raised by Malcolm and his henchman Jobe. She went back in time to stop Malcolm from taking over the country, and ended up becoming an ally to Crane and Diana in the fight against him. Since Molly was the second Witness, when Lara showed up, the mantle was passed to her, taking the pressure off the young potential fighter of evil. The finale saw Lara leave after the team defeated Malcolm, looking to find her place in the world since the one she came from no longer existed.

As Janina Gavankar notes, it would have been really intriguing to see what would have come from having Diana work alongside her adult daughter, not to mention the dynamic that would have continued to be created between she, Lara and Molly.

Well, we're not going to see how this would have played out on Sleepy Hollow, but at least we now know enough to go and write some cool Season 5 fan fiction.

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