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It's been a whirlwind of gaming and expect-the-unexpected drama in the Big Brother house since the live feeds turned on. We've got the latest on what's going on in the house, including an update on the injured houseguest. If you don't want updates on who won the Veto, whether or not it was used, who got hurt, and where the houseguests seem to be leaning in terms of their votes this week, read no further!

Ok, that's your spoiler warning. Here's what's what in the Big Brother 19 house right now...

Head of Household:


Veto Winner:

Alex (used it to take herself off the block)





Ramses has to put himself on the block at some point during the next few weeks

Safe from eviction for 3 weeks:


On Crutches:


Most likely to be evicted:

It's too close to call, but Christmas might just have the votes to stay. (Thursday Update: It's looking like Josh will be the swing vote. If he votes to evict Jillian, Christmas stays. If he votes to evict Christmas, it goes to a tie and Cody will most likely evict Christmas. Josh has promised his support to both sides, so it's hard to say who's safe at this point.)

Big brother 19 christmas cast

First, the update on Christmas's injury. As we previously reported, Christmas was riding Jason around the backyard during the morning music wakeup call on Monday. They fell, she hurt her foot, got a temporary cast and had to wait until Wednesday to get an MRI. She's since had that done, and from what she reported, it sounds like there are two bones that were broken or fractured. She got a new cast, and has to keep her foot elevated while it heals, which could take weeks. But all signs point to her sticking around (unless she's voted out, obviously).

The feeds kept cutting to fish while she was talking, but I did catch Christmas saying that they (production) said they wouldn't be changing any of the competitions. I imagine that means she'll be sitting out the physical ones, at the very least.

Since her injury, Christmas has been adamant that she's not quitting the game over this, and that Big Brother would basically have to kick her out to get her to leave. So the game has been going since her injury, in terms of securing the votes.

Right now, I think Christmas might have the votes to stay, but there seems to be more certainty for some people (Paul, Matt, Raven, Elena, Dominique) than others, so I'm not confident enough in the situation to call it in her favor just yet. Ramses, Alex and Jason will almost certainly vote to evict Christmas (or they want to, anyway), as will Jessica. Mark wasn't keen on the idea of turning his back on Cody, but based on the amount of time he's been spending with Dominique and Elena, both of whom are pro-Christmas, I imagine he'll vote with them to keep her around, unless something major happens between now and tomorrow night.

Paul has been gaming hard, and it's not always paying off. On one hand, he may have won Josh over enough to secure his vote to keep Christmas (Josh seems to have promised his vote to both sides though, so who knows). On the other hand, Paul's efforts to convince Jason and Kevin seem to be having the opposite effect. The more he pushes, the more Jason seems to pull away. What's worse is that Paul doesn't see it happening. Or maybe he does on some level, which would explain why he keeps going back to Jason and trying to literally talk him into changing his mind, but on more than one occasion, when Paul left a conversation between himself, Alex and Jason, Alex assured Jason that Paul was lying. And that appears less to do with Alex's opinion of Paul as it does to some of the things Paul's saying not adding up with what they know, and what's been told to them by other houseguests, added to Alex seeming generally suspicious of Paul's motives within the game.

On the other side, Jessica has tried to appeal to her (former?) allies, including Matt, who seems very comfortable in his decision to keep Christmas, despite Jessica assuring him that Christmas will target her if she stays. That may be true --- from the sound of it, Christmas may have put those intentions out there --- but Matt didn't look particularly concerned over that. At the very least, it's not enough for him to turn on Christmas, who's in actual jeopardy of going home this week due to the actions of someone who was supposed to be on their side. It probably doesn't help Jessica's case that her motives appear to be mostly self-serving, seeing as she's trying to to get Christmas out in order to protect herself and her showmance, rather than looking out for the interests of the unofficial alliance she was one a part of.

Right now, it looks like both sides of the house think they have the votes to keep their person safe, but one side is wrong, or will be by tomorrow night. Worst case scenario for Christmas, is it comes down to a tie, and Cody has to break it, in which case, there's no way she stays. Right now, I'm betting (and hoping) that Christmas stays, but there are just enough wildcards in the mix.

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