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The Star Wars universe is a vast place filled with legendary heroes and dastardly villains. The movies and TV shows have taken fans back to that galaxy far, far away over and over again for grand space operas. Still, even the grandest space operas can't fill in every single blank in a story, and there are plenty of holes in the Star Wars saga that may never be filled. Luckily, the Star Wars: Force of Destiny web series is slated to answer questions from the Star Wars universe. Writer Jennifer Muro spoke with CinemaBlend about Forces of Destiny, and she had this to say about where it fits into the Star Wars saga:

I think it'll fill in some moments. It's built in small little unseen moments, which will be fun. Fans will get bits and pieces. Younger audiences will get a sense of fun and excitement and adventure, and only some of the older audience would go, 'Oh, this is a cool piece! Oh, that fits in there!' And they'll kind of put some things together, which would be kind of fun for them to experience.

Forces of Destiny was announced back in April as a series of animated shorts that will give viewers a closer look at the heroines of the Star Wars universe. The series finally debuted this week with a short all about Rey and BB-8 on Jakku that addressed a plot point from The Force Awakens. Another short starred Princess Leia and a group of Ewoks on Endor, and it answered a question some of us have been wondering ever since we first saw Return of the Jedi. A character from Star Wars Rebels is going to appear in a short that reveals her fate, even before Rebels has come to an end.

Of course, given that characters like Padme and Leia and Rey were going to appear in Forces of Destiny, we could be sure that the fate of the Star Wars universe wasn't going to be fundamentally changed by any of the shorts. The charm so far has truly been in how the shorts have given closer looks at how these heroines react in stressful situations. Jennifer Muro went on to tell me about why the shorts are so important, saying this:

There's a lot of character stuff in here and different themes showcase their personalities.

We don't need to see Ahsoka Tano taking down a Sith lord or Hera Syndulla leading a Rebel cell into battle or Sabine Wren wreaking Mandalorian havoc on the Empire for the Forces of Destiny shorts to fill in big blanks in the Star Wars universe. The situations these characters will find themselves in throughout these shorts will demonstrate what sets them apart as heroes. Rey outwitting a nightwatcher worm to help a little droid and Leia winning the hearts of the Ewoks with her bravery won't change the course of history, but they do expand on what we've gotten to see with them in action.

The Star Wars: Forces of Destiny shorts are being released daily on the Disney YouTube channel. Many of the actresses who played and/or voiced characters for other Star Wars projects reprised their roles for Forces of Destiny, and the shorts feel perfectly at place within the universe we've come to know and love. Be sure to check back to see the latest in Forces of Destiny action.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in Star Wars TV and movie news, and don't forget to swing by our summer TV premiere schedule. Take a look at our picks for Star Wars TV shows that should definitely happen once Star Wars Rebels has come to an end.

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