Watch Roseanne's Big Revival Announcement Video And Try Not To Feel All The Feels

Today has been a pretty wild day for TV viewers, particularly those who favor ABC above other networks. Grey's Anatomy is building a franchise, Marvel's next TV show got a schedule update and an official series order came in for the previously rumored revival of Roseanne. Much rejoicing was had, and much rejoicing is left to be had, but in between those sessions, take some time to show some emotions by watching ABC's big announcement video.

I'll be damned if I don't want to go back and watch(almost) the entire series all over again, just to remind myself of the context behind some of those moments. As if this needed to come out to give me a reason for an impulse binge session. In any case, it's impossible not to get pumped for more from this classic blue-collar slice of sitcom history while watching, as it was tailor-made to extract all the feels possible from longtime fans. So many hugs!

It is, of course, somewhat disappointing that there isn't any new footage found in the video, which ran almost four minutes. But it's to be expected, since the project's series order was only confirmed today. Had there been a pilot already filmed, or if the revival/reboot had come together in a way that was similar to Will & Grace's upcoming run, there might have been something new to show fans. But this project wasn't ever the surest of sure things -- especially with Roseanne Barr herself talking smack about the rumors -- even though it seemed like a good bet it would eventually happen.

Who needs new footage when you've got all the glorious old stuff? I'm only playing devil's advocate here, since I obviously would have loved a new scene, too. But still, this:

roseanne gif dan on motorcycle

When Roseanne returns to ABC, it will somehow bring Dan Conner back into Roseanne's life, with John Goodman set to return as the good-time patriarch. Others returning are Sara Gilbert (who was behind bringing the show back for more), Michael Fishman and Laurie Metcalf. Amazingly enough, Lecy Goranson will return to reprise the role of Becky #1, while Becky #2 actress Sarah Chalke will also return, but in a different role. Hopefully more cast members will be announced soon.

While there's no exact premiere date set for Roseanne's return to ABC, we know that we'll probably get to see it debuting in early 2018 as part of the midseason premieres. While waiting to hear more updates, check out our summer TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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