What GLOW Needs To Bring To Season 2, According To One Star

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Netflix debuted one of the funniest series of the year this summer with GLOW. The comedy follows a group of struggling actresses in the 1980s who sign on to become Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling for a TV show. The first season was totally binge-worthy as it transformed the characters from women who could barely climb into a wrestling ring without falling over into wrestlers who know how to win a crowd, no matter how many silly costumes or bizarre accents they need to adopt in order to do it. Betty Gilpin plays Debbie, and she has revealed what she thinks needs to happen in a second season for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling:

I would love to see more wrestling in the second season, if there were to be a second season. With Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde, all these projects where women are being so visible and powerful, all I want is a montage where we're on top of a mountain in Japan doing push-ups and throwing up! Seeing us kick an inch off the ground, and then by the end of the power ballad, we're kicking over our heads. That would be a dream come true.

If ever there was a show that could pull off a training montage that totally transforms a group of women on top of a mountain to the tunes of a power ballad, GLOW would absolutely be that show. The first season already used 80s music to perfection; wouldn't a mountaintop training montage be the natural next step? Sure, the ladies already mastered a ton of wrestling moves, but maybe they lose some of their finesse during a hiatus of their show and need to get back into shape. Alternately, maybe they need a boost in their ratings and want to learn some exciting new moves that just so happen to require mountaintop training.

Who knows? Maybe Dolph Lundgren will appear as a coach of his own group of Gorgeous Ladies, and Debbie and Co. will need a new training montage to prepare to fight them. A GLOW version of Rocky IV could be pretty fantastic (and funny), and we already know that the actresses of the series aren't afraid to work hard and take a few bruises if it means making the wrestling look good.

The time really could be perfect to up the ante on the wrestling. The first season of GLOW was well-received by fans and critics alike, and as Betty Gilpin said, projects like Wonder Woman and Atomic Blonde prove that there is a modern audience interested in watching powerful women in action on screen. A second season with even more wrestling could be even more hilarious than the first.

Betty Gilpin also has some ideas about where she would want GLOW to take Debbie in Season 2, saying this:

For me personally, it was very interesting to me how wrestling and being on this show bled into my daily life and who I am now as a person. I feel completely altered by this experience and sometimes when you feel empowered by something, it sort of stays in that bubble of that project or that friendship or wherever you're gaining that strength from. Maybe it's a symptom of getting older or this experience being so formative to me, but I feel like it's like trickle down empowerment to me. I would really like to see that in Debbie's life. How has wrestling and being around all these women changed the way that she treats herself? Maybe she's always wanted to open her own nail salon or run for senator. How does the power of wrestling instruct the power of her daily life?

We already saw in Season 1 that joining the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling led to Debbie's realization that she needs more in her life than her husband and her baby. The first season ended before we could see the full impact of Debbie embracing wrestling on her personal life. A second season could really expand on how working as Liberty Bell affects how she conducts herself as Debbie. Perhaps she really does have a secret ambition that she simply never believed she would have the opportunity to pursue. Debbie has already taken a stand against what her husband wants from her in their life together; maybe that was only the beginning.

Hopefully we'll get to see what's next for Debbie, Ruth, and all the rest on GLOW. If you haven't caught the show yet, check out all 10 episodes on Netflix now. Our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule can show you everything else that's available streaming, and our summer TV guide can point you toward what you can watch on broadcast and cable as well. Take a look at our breakdown of why GLOW is so incredibly binge-worthy to see why you definitely need to watch and/or re-watch.

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