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9 Biggest Outlander Season 3 Trailer Moments In Gifs

Fans have been waiting for more than a year now for new episodes of Starz' Outlander. The Season 2 finale ended on a cliffhanger that separated Claire and Jamie by a couple of centuries, with Claire returning to the 20th century to have her baby and Jamie returning to Culloden and his almost certain death. Well, we're still months away from getting the Season 3 premiere, but Starz has officially released a big trailer that gives us a good look at what's to come when the time travel drama returns in the fall. Check out the biggest moments of the Season 3 trailer in gif glory!

outlander season 3 trailer claire meets brianna

Claire Meets Brianna

Brianna Randall made her debut in Season 2, but we got no more than a glimpse of her as a child and a handful of scenes of her as a young adult. Season 3 will feature Claire and Frank immediately after Brianna's birth, and Frank will evidently be the one to introduce Claire to her daughter. This could point to birth complications, as Claire's first pregnancy didn't exactly go well. Whatever happened, she seems overjoyed to meet her daughter.

outlander season 3 trailer jamie culloden

The Battle Of Culloden

The 18th century action will be picking up in Season 3 just about where it left off in Season 2. Jamie clearly did return to Culloden to join his fellow Scots for a doomed last stand against the British. Outlander evidently won't hold back on the bloodshed, and it appears that we'll get a pretty epic battle between the two sides. While we do already know the outcome, we can bet that Jamie will take plenty of Redcoats down before he's defeated.

outlander season 3 trailer claire pearls

Claire Kept The Pearls

Despite her happiness with Brianna and even apparently with Frank to a certain degree, Claire clearly didn't let go of Jamie as much as she seemed to in Season 2. We see that she kept the pearl necklace that was originally Ellen Fraser's, which Jamie gave to Claire when they were married. It's not clear yet if Frank knows that she kept more than just her wedding ring, but we'll probably find out.

outlander season 3 trailer jamie arrested

Jamie Is Arrested

Poor Jamie isn't having an easy time back in the 18th century. Even though he survived the Battle of Culloden and made it home to Lallybroch, he didn't return to a warm welcome from his sister. In fact, it looks like either Jenny alerted the British soldiers that Jamie would be coming home or the the Brits were staking out Lallybroch and waiting for him to return so that they could arrest him. Either way, he doesn't get the homecoming he was looking for.

outlander season 3 trailer jamie other woman

Jamie Hooks Up With Another Woman

While we can be sure that time and distance aren't enough to quench Claire and Jamie's love for each other, that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll both be totally celibate during their separation. In one of the quick trailer scenes set back in the 18th century, Jamie is shirtless and standing very close to a woman who only seems to be wearing her shift. The scene seems rather... amorous, and book readers can guess where the action will be going.

outlander season 3 trailer claire frank

Claire Gets Up Close And Personal With Another Man

Jamie isn't the only who looks to be hooking up with somebody else while separated from his spouse. Claire seems to be getting quite up close and personal with another man. The glimpse is far too quick to see who it is or where they are, but the fireplace, Claire's wardrobe, and the man's haircut indicate that Claire may be giving her marriage to Frank a try.

outlander season 3 trailer brianna roger

Brianna And Roger Get Some Action

Brianna will apparently get some romantic action in Season 3 as well. The sparks between her and Roger from Season 2 will evidently be fanned into a flame, and they'll get cozy while Claire is presumably elsewhere, preoccupied with returning to her long lost love in the 1700s. Good for them! They could probably use the break.

outlander season 3 trailer

Claire Finds Jamie

Before Claire can go back in time and reunite with Jamie, she needs to make sure that he actually survived longer than the immediate aftermath of Culloden. We can bet that it won't be easy to trace one Scotsman back through centuries to find out where he is at a given time, but Claire clearly succeeds in finding Jamie's name to give her a time when he's still among the living.

outlander season 3 trailer claire jamie print shop

Claire Returns To Jamie

We don't get to see the actual reunion of Claire and Jamie, but we do see the print shop where Jamie has apparently been working. The name on the shop sign is "A. Malcolm," which points to Jamie using a pseudonym, presumably because he's still a wanted man among the Brits. He's not straying too far from his own name, however; Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is simply using his middle names to run his print shop. Claire was clearly able to connect the dots, and she's visibly eager to see her husband again.

Outlander will return to Starz on Sunday, September 10 at 8 p.m. ET for Season 3. Check out our summer TV guide to see what you can watch to pass the time while we wait, and take a gander at our breakdown of what we know so far about Outlander Season 3. If you haven't caught the full Season 3 trailer just yet, head on over to the next page to see it for yourself!

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