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Big Brother 19 Kevin

This week of Big Brother has proven to be a bit less predictable than last week. Still, we have a pretty good idea who's on their way out the door. If you don't want to find out who won the Veto and whether or not it was used, or who's facing eviction on Thursday, read no further!

Live feed spoilers ahead!

Head of Household:


Originally nominated:



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Won the Veto:


Veto used?


Facing Eviction:



During my last update, I was pretty confident that the Veto was going to be used, and that it was just a matter of who would be the replacement nominee. At the time, that was a constant topic of discussion in the house. Well, the Big Brother house proved how quickly things can change. And maybe Dominique proved that it only takes a lot of vague accusations and a bit of isolation to ensure ones Big Brother demise. Time will tell on that one.

After lots of discussions about whether to use the Veto to save Jessica and nominate Mark, Raven or someone else in her place, Jason ended up not using the Veto at all. The target was and -- at present -- remains to be Dominique. She was always the target, and using the Veto was probably only a strategy to further ensure she would leave. They were hoping that putting up one of Dom's allies would solidify her departure. Of course, waves were being made during all of those conversations. In the end, seems like Jason and Alex opted to play it safe and leave things the same.

While it seems likely that Dominique will be sent out on Thursday, there's still a chance Jessica could go. She's spent her post-Cody days socializing a bit more, but she's no one's best friend in the house. Her safety seems to hinge more on people's interest in cutting Dominique loose than on anyone's interest in keeping her around. Dominique spends a lot of time isolated, reading the bible. She's also gotten herself into a weird position socially, due to her targeting Paul, but maybe not as directly as she should be. Or maybe just not at all. Even if Paul weren't safe, he's got such a firm grip on things in the house, it's probably going to take someone with Derrick-level stealth-mode to start loosening the wheels on that cart. People don't seem to know what to make of Dom at this point, so most people seem content to send her out the door on Thursday.

Of course, they have no idea that there's a chance she could come back. If they knew what was about to happen, they might all be keener to send Jessica out, thus ensuring that there is no possibly of a Jody 2.0, should Cody win his way back.

Speaking of which...

The Big Brother live feeds will be down for "longer than usual" later this week...

The following ticker has been crawling across the live feeds for the past few days...

Heads up! The feeds will be down for longer than usual later this week, but it will be worth it! Tune in to a special Friday night episode at 8/7c on CBS for a Battle Back Showdown.

This is presumably to conceal the Battle Back results and returner from the live feeds until Friday's episode. Though the ticker is vague, it might be a safe bet to assume that the feeds will go dark sometime before Thursday's live show, as they typically do, and then not come back on until Friday night, after the taped Battle Back episode airs. If that's the case, barring any leaks about who's returning, feed-watchers will be left to twiddle their thumbs on a crucial feed day.

We hate that, Big Brother.

That said, I do sort of like the suspense of the Battle Back episode without knowing the outcome.

In other news, on the feeds, Kevin's been telling some great stories to pass the time. And Josh had a blow-up with Mark (and later Jessica), that had something to do with a lost bet while playing pool, and Mark chucking hot sauce in Josh's face. Josh didn't take too kindly to that, and they argued about it for a while in the back yard. Not long after, the fight shifted to Josh bickering with Jessica, while other houseguests sat around watching. I don't think anything really came of it.

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