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Why iZombie Went With That Big Reveal At The End Of Season 3

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I think this goes without saying, but there are spoilers for Season 3 of iZombie in this article.

iZombie is heading into Season 4 on the CW this TV season, and things are going to change pretty drastically during the new episodes, thanks to the big reveal in the Season 3 finale that should change the nature of the series completely. The world is now aware of the existence of zombies and will be dealing with a crisis put forth by Fillmore-Graves, who used vaccinations to turn humans into zombies. But why do all of this at the end of Season 3? iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas says the big reveal was something the CW series was working toward from the very beginning.

We almost immediately regretted that decision... No, Season 3 was a dream. We started talking about in Season 1 [that] there would be this allusion that one day the secret would be too big to keep in house. And that everyone else would know. We thought Season 4 --around Season 4 -- that's when that should happen... so we may have gotten there a little earlier than we thought but we just felt like it would give us so many more stories we can tell.

There are a lot of shows that sit on a big reveal for a long time. People have been curious about Liz's father on The Blacklist since the very beginning, for instance, and the show spent a long time teasing Red's relationship to Liz before revealing it at the end of Season 4. But iZombie's decision to go even earlier than planned with its reveal as opposed to running that plot thread into the ground is actually really appealing. It kept people from growing bored with that particular plot. It means that the door has opened up for broader and wider plotlines now that the world knows what is happening. It should also, theoretically, keep iZombie from growing stale.

Rob Thomas was speaking at Comic-Con this weekend, as part of a panel that also included iZombie lead Rose McIver, who plays Liv on the show. She spoke out about the decision to reveal the zombies to the population at large, noting that if it had come out in Season 1, it would have been a totally different experience for her character.

At least she has this community around her, so I think had this come out back in Season 1 that would have been a different thing. Now, it's more of an ensemble and she has more support around her.

As much as things have changed on iZombie, a lot of things are still the same. Liv is still out there, eating the brains of humans with different personalities. And we'll be seeing that and a whole lot more in this new era of zombies when the CW show returns at midseason. We'll be sure to let you know as soon as we have an official date, but for now, check out our premiere schedule.

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