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The iZombie Trailer Is Giving Us A Veronica Mars Flashback

In addition to announcing a March premiere date for their new series iZombie, CW has also debuted a new look at the smalls screen adaptation of the DC comic. Check it out below...

A long time ago, Rob Thomas used to have a really great teen detective series at UPN and the CW. Then it got cancelled. Veronica Mars came back as a movie, and now Rob Thomas is coming back with a new series at the CW. One that's very different from Veronica Mars, at least in terms of its zombie count. The undead weren't plentiful in Veronica Mars, but there was a noir edge to the series, plenty of crime-solving, and an adorably persnickety blonde mucking things up for the bad guys. In that respect, factoring in Liv's monologue in CW's latest preview, it's not hard to flash back to Rob Thomas' former CW series, while watching the new trailer for iZombie.

But let's get out of the past. As great as it is to sense a vague connection from Veronica Mars and iZombie and hope that it means we're in for the same sharp dialogue, dark humor and intriguing mysteries, this new series, which comes from Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright, is its own thing, and the supernatural element and Seattle backdrop certainly help set it apart from the Southern California teen drama. iZombie centers on a college student who appears to be turning her undead lemons into lemonade by using her newly acquired zombie nature to solve crimes. Rose McIver plays Liv, the titular zombie, who takes a job at the Seattle coroner's office. Logically, her new job gives her access to plenty of brains...


Brains with hot sauce? Yum?

A side effect to her new diet includes access to some of the memories of the brain she's eaten, which as you can imagine, proves useful for crime-solving. And from the way she's licking this knife, I'm guessing the taste isn't so bad...


...because there's a good chance that's not jelly or frosting.

The new trailer gives us an eyeful of the exciting things in store for iZombie, which kicks off its first season on March 18 on the CW. In addition to Rose McIvor, the cast includes Malcolm Goodwin, Rahul Kohl, Robert Buckley and David Anders.

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