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This past week was a particularly exciting one for hardcore fans of popular TV and film properties. San Diego Comic-Con saw the debut of a ton of new footage, information, and trailers. And in particular, the Marvel Cinematic Universe delivered for their rabid fanbase. One of the most exciting reveals was the new Defenders trailer, which debuted tons of new action sequences and plot details for the highly anticipated Netflix miniseries. With less than a month before the it debuts on Netflix, more tidbits of information are being revealed, including how everyone's favorite alcoholic Jessica Jones will react to these new personalities: by making fun of everyone.

The cast of The Defenders united at a Comic-Con panel Friday night, where actress Krysten Ritter was able to get a bit chatty about Jessica Jones' attitude toward the rest of the group. It's here where she revealed how Jessica be constantly poking fun at the other Defenders, saying:

She takes every opportunity to make fun of everything they're doing, and make fun of Daredevil's suit, and make fun of all of it. So I think JJ in The Defenders brings a little bit of attitude and sass, and the funny.

Is it August 18th yet? Because I am so ready for the triumphant return of Jessica Jones, and all the sass that comes along with it.

Part of what made Jessica Jones such a hit show over at Netflix is how complex and layered the titular character is. While on the surface Jessica reads as just a superpowered woman with a drinking problem, the show slowly unraveled her family issues and struggles with post traumatic stress disorder. And while Jessica may be heavily flawed, she usually deals with her struggles with some humor, and tons of booze.

Jessica Jones is probably the character that Netflix's Marvel audience is most eager to see return to the small screen. Daredevil got to have a second season before The Defenders, and both Luke Cage and Iron Fist were released fairly recently. But we haven't seen Jessica since the series was released in November, 2015. She's finally free from Kilgrave's influence, and is presumably making a fair amount of scratch from her recently popular private investigation business. In fact, Alias Investigations has become so popular that even Joy Meachum apparently used Jessica for her personal use during the events of Iron Fist (she referenced a cranky and consistently drunk PI in the series).

But aside from her booming business, it's unclear what Jessica has been doing since the events of Jessica Jones. But if she was smart, she'd allow Trish to train her in hand to hand combat. While Jessica has super strength she's not a trained fighter, instead brawling with brute force throughout Season 1's run.

The Defenders will be released in its entirety on August 18th, 2017 on Netflix. In the meantime, check out our summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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