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This week's Big Brother live episode not only ended with a Head of Household crowned, but also revealed a new twist in the game, courtesy of the final Temptation curse. Find out who the Head of Household nominated for eviction, as well as which houseguest lost their way to being a third nominee!

Spoilers ahead!

Head of Household:



Jessica (Paul's nom)

Cody (Paul's nom)

Jason (lost the competition)

Safe from nominations:


Won the Veto:

Not played yet.

big brother 19 nominations

The curse competition took place. Mark won, and is safe for the week. Jason came in last and became the third nominee. Paul was contemplating pawn options, unsure if he was even able to nominate Jessica and Cody. On Friday night, he put that to the test by putting both of them on the block at the nomination ceremony. The feeds came back from that with both Jessica and Cody visibly angry. Cody got in Paul's face at one point, after which he and Jessica adjourned to solitude (Jessica's not happy with Cody over this). From there, Josh took the mic and started arguing with Mark in the kitchen. That escalated with Josh dragging out the pots and pans, and Mark grabbing for them. The feeds cut just as that altercation was happening, and came back with Mark in one of the bedrooms talking to Cody. Suffice to say, tensions are running high. Cody and Jessica are pissed at Paul. Josh and Mark are mad at each other. Jessica is annoyed with Cody. Mark and Elena seem to be in a weird place.

As for what's going to happen this week, it's hard to say, though a Halting Hex seems like a strong possibility given the nominees.

Jessica revealed that she had a temptation during Thursday's live show, a fact most of the houseguests were already assuming. She's been tight-lipped to the rest of the house (except Cody) since then about what her power is, knowing that it's better to keep Paul and everyone else guessing and fearful, and hoping that fear would keep her and Cody off the block.

Jessica has outright said to Cody that she doesn't want to use the Halting Hex to save anyone other than herself or Cody. She also discouraged Cody from competing in the Curse competition, wanting to keep up the front that they can't be nominated or evicted and thusly, don't need to compete for safety. Paul seemed to be playing with the idea of putting up pawns, but it looks like he opted to go for the real targets, and if the twist comes back to bite him on Thursday, so be it.

Assuming Jessica and/or Cody are in jeopardy of going home on Thursday, it's likely that Jessica will use the Hex to stop the eviction, in which case no one goes home. Paul's already talking about it being a reset week. It presumably will be, though I doubt Paul would be eligible to play Head of Household again.

Of course, anything can happen between now and Thursday. There's still a Veto to be won, and plenty of more scheming to do. If the Veto does get used to take either Cody or Jessica off the block, Paul might look for another target. Or he'll stay the course and let whatever happens happen.

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