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The Veto has been won, but will it be used? We're about to get into spoilers from the live feeds of Big Brother, so if you don't want to know who won the Veto and whether or not we think it'll get used, read no further!

Here's how everything has shaken out since Thursday...

Head of Household:


Won the Temptation Competition:

Mark (safe)

Lost the Temptation Competition:

Matt (nominated)

Nominated by Alex:



Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Not yet.

As we reported on Saturday, Cody was being set up to be back-doored this week, and that may very well still be the case. He was not chosen to play for Veto. But we have an interesting scenario here, and an odd one at that. Matt won the Veto.

The issue with Matt holding the Veto is that, as the Temptation nominee, if he pulls himself down, there's no replacement for him. That means, if he pulls himself down, either Elena or Jason will be going home. So if Matt is on board to backdoor Cody, he has to use the Veto on someone else. Believe it or not, i think that's actually the plan. At the very least, there's a high chance he will use the Veto on Jason (possibly Elena), which would mean he'd stay on the block in order to free up another seat for Cody to be nominated. What's particularly odd about this situation is, if Matt really is planning on using his Veto to take someone else down, why did he keep it in the first place? Based on the competition they played, it sounds like he had a choice between the Veto, a prize or a curse, but maybe he ended up with it by default and no one took it from him?

Still, Cody may have some wiggle room with all of this. For one thing, we've seen him re-integrating with the house. I watched him laughing with Alex, Paul and some other houseguests while they talked about It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. An act? Possibly. But he's no longer being the awkward quiet guy in every room, and that certainly can't hurt whatever chance he might have to stay this week.

What's more, Alex is not happy with Elena. The Veto Competition was the prize-swap comp, where each eliminated player gets a prize, and they're able to either keep what they got or trade it with one of the previously eliminated contestants. We didn't get to see the competition on the live feeds, but apparently Alex won $5,000, but Elena took it from her and gave Alex a camping hot dog curse.

This is one of those weird situations in the Big Brother house. The houseguests are there to win money, but sometimes going for the money can put you on the outs with people. In this case, I can't fault Elena for going for the $5k, especially if she went further in this competition than Alex did and didn't want to keep the curse. But at the same time, if her move pissed the Head of Household off, was it really worth it? It could come back to bite Elena, especially now that Alex is cursed with cooking hot dogs for the houseguests.

As for the other prizes and curses, Mark won a trip to Colorado. Paul talked about how he should be able to cash out on the trip if he wants.

Jason won an X-treme costume, which comes with a giant X on his head and a cape...

Jason x-treme Bb19

Paul won a tandem skydiving suit that ties him with another houseguest (I think for 24 hours). He chose Christmas, so they're scooting around together...

Paul christmas tandem bb19

And Alex is cursed with setting up a campsite out back and cooking a hot dog for each of the houseguests every time she's prompted...

Alex camper bb19

At this point, as I said, Matt seems prepared to use the Veto on someone else so Cody can be back-doored. But there's time for Cody to work something out. His best bet may be to talk to Alex before talking to Matt. If he can get her support to keep the noms the same, it might not be that hard to convince Matt to just use the Veto on himself. Alex is not happy with Elena and might be all too happy to see her go after she took the money from her.

That said, Alex has proven to be very loyal to Paul. Making any kind of move without Paul's permission may be out of the cards, and I'm not sure I see Paul choosing to send Elena out before Cody.

Still, if Matt does use the Veto to take Jason down, Elena would be up on the block against Cody, and it's always possible the houseguests decide to send Elena out. That would rely on enough people turning on Paul's plan... Jason, Kevin... Christmas and Josh? Maybe... We'll have to wait and see how things play out for the rest of the week. A lot will depend on whether the Veto is used and on whom.

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