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Warning! The following post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Game Of Thrones**! Read at your own risk!**

Game Of Thrones fans were delighted to finally see Gendry's big return, only to scream internally as he immediately agreed to join Jon Snow on what might be a death-filled encounter with the White Walkers. Some have wondered if Joe Dempsie's return was just a way for the showrunners to rip our hearts out by quickly killing him off, but the alias that Davos tried to make Gendry use may be a clever hint about the character's future, as "Clovis" could indeed indicate he might live to tell of his adventure beyond the wall.

As one Redditor has pointed out, the real-world meaning of the word "Clovis" ties to the stone tools, spears, and arrowheads found near Clovis, New Mexico, which were believed to be used during the Paleo-Indian prehistoric period. It could be a coincidence, sure, but when this origin of the word is combined with Gendry's talents as a blacksmith -- right at the same time the North needs someone to help make weapons from Dragonglass/obsidian -- it just seems too perfect.

With that in mind, it seems like the throwaway alias Davos created could have been a sneaky way for the Game Of Thrones writers to hint that Gendry has a much bigger role to play beyond sapping our tears with a heartbreaking death beyond the wall. Perhaps, as many have suggested already, Gendry will make some awesome weapons to destroy the White Walkers, or even rediscover the lost process of making Valyrian steel?

The first theory feels pretty ROCK solid, but it's not the only one to ponder, as Clovis is also notably the name of a handful of kings from the early 500s to late 600s. The Franks' King Clovis I was the first to unite all the Frankish tribes together under one leader, and the thought process here seems to be that the name Clovis may tease that Gendry will be the character to somehow unite everyone back under one kingdom. The theory makes some sense in the current state of Game Of Thrones, although when taking into consideration that Westeros has operated under a single ruler before, it feels like a bit of a stretch compared to the first theory.

Regardless of its meaning, Game Of Thrones fans should hope the alias means something as Gendry's odds of survival don't appear that high as he travels beyond the wall. Game Of Thrones is all new on HBO on Sunday, August 20th, at 9 p.m. ET. For more on Gendry's return, be sure to read up on how Joe Dempsie felt about stepping back into the role, as well as how he will likely be wary of people with camera phones in airports going forward.

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