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There's a pecking order in the Big Brother house in Season 19. The same could probably be said about other seasons, but this summer the order seems almost a done deal, and mostly immune to twists. Who's next on the chopping block? We'll get to that. But first, we have the Veto results. If you don't want to know who won the Veto (and also who's HoH and nominated), read no further. Live feed spoilers ahead!

Here's how the power is shaking out this week...

Head of Household:





Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Not yet, but most likely will be, and the plan is to put Mark up as the replacement.

The Zingbot entered the house last night for this week's Veto competition. We don't get to see the competitions on the feeds, and that includes Zingbot's annual roast of the houseguests. But a few zings were revealed in conversation. Josh said something about Matt getting zinged for not doing anything in the game... except Raven. And Alex mentioned her zing having something to do with carrying people.

From what's been said, it sounds like Mark put up a good fight to win the competition, but I don't think it was a close call. Jason won it, and since he's on the block, he'll obviously pull himself down. Well, this season, maybe it's not "obvious" that the Veto winner would use it to take themselves off the block, but Jason is expected to use it.

Mark talked to Christmas about him working with her and Josh if he stays. She said she'd think about it, but I have no idea how seriously she'll take that. It wouldn't be the worst plan in the world to keep him, if only to have some muscle on her side, since she can't play in most of the competitions. Josh is ok at competitions, but Mark has proven to be better.

The problem is, if Christmas puts someone up besides Mark, that's a shot fired at Paul. Unless she can convince Paul that Kevin needs to go first, and I don't see what kind of argument she'd have about that. Kevin's not winning competitions. And let's face it, we haven't seen any sign that anyone's really considering going against Paul's plans, so I would be surprised if the tides change in Mark's favor. He has until Monday to work that out for himself. If and when he's nominated next to Matt, he might try to campaign to get Matt out, but again, not sure this house is capable of deviating from Paul's plan.

As for the pecking order, we've seen Paul line up targets each week, and while everything hasn't gone according to plan, there really hasn't been a week where the eviction didn't go Paul's way. If his main target didn't go, a secondary target did. That's because Paul's always lining up targets. There's a backup plan to everything. This week, I think if Mark had won the Veto, Jason would have gone home. And if Mark had won the Veto and used it on Jason, Kevin would've been the replacement and he would've gone.

I wish Paul would talk more in the diary room about the order he has in mind, and why he's targeting specific people. Part of the problem with the way he's playing this season, is he's openly running the whole house, and it just hasn't been very entertaining to watch. It doesn't help that he was the only veteran to play, which gave him a massive advantage in not only being the only one to know how to play the game coming in, but also having the best odds to win the first Temptation, which kept him safe for weeks. I won't go so far as to say Big Brother is "rigging" the game for Paul. But he's had a lot more going for him than other houseguests, and he's played to those advantages. I don't fault him for that. But he'd be way more enjoyable to watch if he were being the evil mastermind in the diary room. Tell us what the plan is every week. Explain why you're targeting people, so it doesn't seem so personal. There is strategy to what he's doing, but we're not always seeing it.

I want someone to rise up and take him out, not because I don't like Paul. He's playing the best game by far this season. But if someone can actually defeat him and go on to win the game, it's going to be glorious. Not holding my breath.

I can't wait to see what Zingbot delivered to the houseguests this week.

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