The Crazy Way Supergirl's Cat Grant Might Fit Into Season 3

A new trailer for The CW Arrow-verse has revealed something interesting regarding Season 3 of Supergirl, and it's got nothing to do with that new Kryptonian that's supposed to be showing up. (Unless that Kyrptonian happens to be a reporter, anyway.) Cat Grant is back, and it looks as though she's gotten a promotion! Take a look!

With all the jokes made at the expense of Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci this year, most Americans should recognize that Cat Grant is holding a conference in the White House press room. Juding from her dialogue in the trailer, "Go ahead, fire away," it sounds like this conference is more than just a one off gig and Cat could very well be the White House Press Secretary for President of the United States (and secret alien) Olivia Marsdin! It looks as though attending the same college as the President can really pay off, although most Supergirl fans may already assume it wasn't that connection alone that might've landed Grant this sweet gig.

If this promotion really is in the cards for Cat Grant's character, and the White House moment wasn't some bizarre Kyptonian fever dream, President Marsdin couldn't have picked a better Supergirl character for the job. Grant's intelligence and wit will undoubtedly serve her well as she fields questions from the press, and she's proven to have the ability to motivate National City's citizens into action. Provided she doesn't say something crazy and get herself fired, Grant is lined up in a position to inspire many more people should the country ever need one of her awesome pep talks.

Cat Grant taking a job at the White House probably won't mean Supergirl fans will see her any more or less in Season 3, given Calista Flockhart's recurring capacity. (She was only in four Season 2 eps, so we're certainly hoping for more this year.) Kara may have to make quite a few trips to the White House to get occasional sage advice, though, and with Supergirl allegedly traveling to much stranger places in Season 3, a trip to the White House shouldn't be ruled as completely off the table.

Check out the full Arrow-verse trailer below.

Supergirl kicks off the return of the Arrow-verse Monday, October 9th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Supergirl isn't the only hero show offering surprises as of late as a new trailer has revealed that the Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash are set to collide well before that big mega-crossover between all the Arrow-verse shows later this year. For more shows to watch this fall season that aren't necessarily tied to The CW or superheroes, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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