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In the final weeks of the Big Brother season, the Power of Veto becomes more and more powerful. Such is the case this week, as Paul continues to try to eliminate bigger threats. The Veto competition took place today, the feeds are back on and we know who won. If you don't want to be spoiled, read no further!

Here's how things are going in the Big Brother house...

Head of Household:





Won the Veto:


Big brother paul veto

With just seven houseguests remaining, all but one were selected to play the Veto. Josh was the odd man out. When the feeds back back tonight, Paul was wearing the Veto. He had a quick storage room chat with Alex, where he told her he was going to use it to take her off. The plan, as far as Alex and Jason are concerned, is for Kevin to go. But the odds seem much higher that it will be Jason walking out the door on Thursday night.

While this certainly won't be the most important Veto of the season, it was a crucial one, as Paul, Josh and Christmas are hoping to split up Jason and Alex. Jason's run of competition wins has pushed him to the top of Paul's hit list, and while it's entirely possible they'll switch gears and move to get Kevin out, I can't imagine why they'd do that. Kevin hasn't been winning competitions and clearly poses a lesser threat to the other houseguests.

Whether or not Jason and Alex catch wind of the situation remains to be seen. As we reported earlier, Jason went into full panic-mode when Christmas put Jason and Alex up next to one another. This move ensured both were on the block going into the Veto competition. If only one of them were on the block, the other could win and take them down, eliminating any shot at splitting up that pair. Given that only one houseguest would be sitting out of the competition (excluding potentially Christmas), it was hard to sell the "we're trying to back-door _" plan in this scenario. Still, Christmas and Paul managed to sell it to Alex, who assured Jason that Kevin was the target, and he's been much calmer since then.

Paul has been playing a much more low-key competition game in the recent weeks of this season. He hasn't needed to win competitions to ensure what he wanted to happen would happen. It's unclear right now what played out during today's Veto competition, but given the state of things, Paul had nothing to lose by winning it... assuming he's planning to use it. If the nominations were supposed to stay the same, winning it would mean exposing his loyalties to Christmas and Josh, so I have to believe he'll use it. But since Kevin is on the outs with most of the house, and he's closer with Jason than anyone else, it makes sense that Paul would save Alex from the block, let Christmas put Kevin up, and then whoops, everyone votes Jason out on Thursday.

Assuming that actually happens -- the Veto ceremony won't happen until Monday, and then the eviction happens Thursday -- the blame of Jason's eviction will be spread across multiple people. Alex will vote to evict Kevin. If Josh and Raven vote to evict Jason, that just leaves Paul. He could decide to force a tie to let Christmas send Jason out. Or he'll vote with the majority and Jason will go. Either way, as things are right now, with Paul holding the Veto, the odds of Jason's eviction seem especially high.

We'll update if anything major changes, but so far this season, what's set up to happen tends to happen. In the meantime, Paul continues to run this house.

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