Could Atypical Season 2 Happen At Netflix? Here's What The EP Says

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Could Atypical Season 2 happen at Netflix? That answer isn't known right now, but executive producer Seth Gordon seems positive about its chances. Gordon comments on the status of the show currently, and why he's feeling good about another season happening on the streaming service below:

I would say the indications are positive, but we haven't officially heard. Sometimes they take months before they renew for a second season on stuff. To their credit, I think they like to make sure that there's a good plan for the second season. I know Stranger Things took a while before they got the official pick-up, and I don't know if they've officially picked up Ozark yet. It's certainly not a given, but we're hoping because that show has a bit of a message and is really approaching a topic that is underrepresented. Hopefully, that'll be a factor in a good way for us.

Just so Seth Gordon and those reading are aware, Ozark has been picked up for Season 2. As far as timetables are concerned, that renewal came roughly a month after its premiere on Netflix, and as of writing, it has been a month and a day since Atypical's premiere. Stranger Things' Season 2 order came a month and a half following its premiere, so while it did take some time, it's not as though its renewal period was that much longer than Ozark's.

In either case, Seth Gordon tells THR that while Netflix has been vague about the show's reception with subscribers in Season 1, the Atypical team has seen some good feedback. Gordon says the show has gotten a lot of buzz on Twitter, and a quick search of Rotten Tomatoes will show the series is critically ranked above Ozark and The OA, which is another Netflix original that has received a Season 2 order. Gordon also indicates that he's aware of the third party methods to obtain viewership information for Netflix shows, although he doesn't share whether or not the team has looked into those services or what those numbers might say.

As far as Season 2 of Atypical goes on his end, though, Seth Gordon indicates that even though he's currently juggling 4 shows between television and streaming, he still plans to be involved with the series. Specifically, Gordon says he intends to keep in close contact with the show's supporting creator, Robia Rashid, and ensure she's got the team she needs to keep this series chugging along. Let's hope that means hiring more writers to further develop Michael Rapaport's Doug as well as finding a way to top that Season 1 cliffhanger!

Atypical is currently streaming on Netflix. For those who haven't seen the series, there are many good reasons to check this show out beyond the fact that its one of the only shows where the main character is diagnosed with high functioning autism! Netflix lovers can read up on those reasons, or check out our Netflix guide for a list of shows and films on their way to the platform that are worth checking out. For a complete list of things premiering on streaming and television visit our fall premiere guide.

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