Atypical Renewed For Season 2 At Netflix

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One of the most unique and heartfelt original series to hit streaming in 2017 has to be Atypical, which debuted on Netflix back in August. The show tells the story of Sam, who is an 18-year-old student on the autistic spectrum. Throughout the first season, he began to reach for more independence, and he and the rest of his family had to face an awful lot of changes. Now, we have very good news for fans of the series: Atypical has officially been renewed for a second season on Netflix.

The second season will be even bigger than the first, which only ran for eight episodes. Netflix has ordered a full ten episodes for Atypical Season 2. We haven't been able to say for sure how many people were tuning into Atypical, as Netflix does not release viewership numbers to the public, but the increased episode count for a second season indicates that Netflix execs are happy with how subscribers responded to Atypical.

News of the renewal comes shortly after Atypical executive producer Seth Gordon expressed optimism that a Season 2 was on the way. The show has only been available for a little over a month at this point, and Gordon made the point that the smash hit Stranger Things wasn't renewed for a while either. Not all series can score quickie renewals like Fuller House. Gordon said that Netflix likes to be sure that shows have solid plans for the future before investing in more episodes. No details are currently available about what will happen in Atypical Season 2, but we can surmise that Netflix has faith in what's planned.

The confirmation of Season 2 undoubtedly is a relief for viewers who have been concerned about some of the Netflix cancellations of the summer. Netflix gave the axe to many shows, including high-profile projects like The Get Down and Sense8, although Sense8 was ultimately given the order for a two-hour special to wrap things up after fans protested on social media.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made the troubling announcement back in May that he believed the streaming service "should have a higher cancel rate overall" and their "hit ratio is way too high right now." His words gave subscribers plenty to worry about when it came to the futures of their favorite series, and we could only wonder what shows would join the growing list of Netflix cancellations.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not revealed when we can expect the Atypical action to pick up for Season 2. We can only hope that we don't have to wait too terribly long for the next batch of episodes. For what you can watch in the meantime, take a look at our fall TV guide and our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule, and be sure to check out our breakdown of reasons why Atypical is a show that everybody needs to watch at least once.

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