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And then there were three. Paul may have this season locked up, but there are still three more competitions to be played. Well, two, as the first part of the final Head of Household competition has already played out. Find out who won next. Spoilers ahead!

Big Brother aired its annual recap episode tonight, kicking off Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. The endurance competition actually played out while the feeds were down on Thursday night, and when the feeds came back, we learned that Paul won. Shocker.

Big Brother Paul 19

What does this mean? It means Paul does not have to compete in Part 2 of the HoH competition. Christmas and Josh will face off in Part 2. Whoever wins that will go head to head with Paul in Part 3, which takes place live during the Season 19 finale episode. And then there's no Veto. Whoever wins Part 3 casts the sole vote to evict one of the other two houseguests. The remaining houseguest will sit next to Part 3 winner, and one of them will win Season 19 of Big Brother.

So, let's talk scenarios. Paul making it to Part 3 of the HoH competition was a given. Paul making it to the Final 2 is not so certain. From what he's said on the feeds, it seems likely that if Paul wins Part 3 of the last HoH competition, he will evict Christmas and take Josh to the end.

Christmas seems unwilling to state who she plans to take to the end, should she manage to win Parts 2 and 3. Given her injury, even if she is eligible to play Part 2 (she did compete in Part 1), she's at a physical disadvantage. Still, I wouldn't rule it out. And if she does win it, I have to believe she'll take Paul. While she clearly feels affection toward both Josh and Paul, there's been a bit of a flirtmance going on between her and Paul for a while now. She's obviously close with him, and may not be willing to send him out, even if it costs her the game.

Josh has been talking about cutting Paul loose for a couple of weeks now. He knows he can't win next to Paul, so it seems likely that if he were to make it to Part 3 of the Head of Household competition, and win it, he might actually be willing to pull the trigger and send Paul out. He knows it's better for his game if Paul goes. It's just a matter of whether or not he'll go through with it. It could very well be the move that wins him the game if he does. Or he'll send Christmas out and stay true to his Final 2 deal with Paul.

We still have to wait and see who wins Part 2 of the Head of Household competition. In past seasons, Part 2 is usually a mix of physical and mental, where the houseguests get rigged up in harnesses and have to scale walls or deal with some kind of obstacle course, and put names/faces/events in order. Given that it's Christmas vs. Josh, I'm assuming whatever the competition is, Christmas will be cleared to play. Either that, or she forfeits and Josh automatically wins it. Seems unlikely at this point in the game, but who knows?

Part 3 of the competition is the ridiculously-random one where the two competitors have to A/B answer how the jurors finished sentences like "The thing I regret most about my time in the Big Brother House is a) the fight I had with 'whoever' or b) giving up my game for a showmance." Even if the houseguests know the jurors really well, it's trickier to guess what state of mind they're in after days or weeks in sequester. There's no predicting who wins it, but I'd still put money on Paul. If Paul can't win it, his best bet to make it to Final 2 is if Christmas wins Part 2 of this last HoH competition.

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