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Fans of The CW's Arrow-verse have gotten some epic superhero action over the past years, ever since Arrow debuted back in 2012. There are now four primetime superhero shows, with even some webseries in the mix. We've gotten a few big crossovers between the shows so far, with the huge "Invasion!" crossover event of fall 2016 bringing the heroes of all four shows together for the very first time. Another epic crossover is in the works for fall 2017, and we just found out who the villains are going to be. Check them out!

Yes, the four-part crossover of 2017 will feature none other than evil versions of our heroes who are based out of Earth-X. We're going to get Evil Supergirl, Evil Green Arrow, Evil Flash, and a whole bunch of Evil Legends from Legends of Tomorrow. The image (courtesy of The Flash's official Twitter page) indicates that all hands will be on deck for this adventure, including the newcomer known as The Ray. Given the assorted superpowers and skills that will be brought to the table by the bad guys, it's easy to see why all the good guys will probably be needed for this one. These villains make last year's Dominators look tame by comparison!

Interestingly, The CW kinda sorta dropped clues over the summer that Earth-X could have a major part to play in the Arrow-verse in the 2017-2018 TV season. It was announced in August that a brand new Arrow-verse web series was on the way, called Freedom Fighters: The Ray and starring the superhero known as The Ray in all his animated glory with some notable side characters. He would be based out of Earth-X, which is an Earth in the multiverse on which the Nazis were the victors in World War II and the course of history went quite differently.

We learned then that some of the actors from the live-action superhero series would be lending their voices to Freedom Fighters: The Ray to play their characters' evil Earth-X counterparts, and CW head honcho Mark Pedowitz teased that a live-action version of the hero would appear at some point. Still, there was no way for us to guess that the Ray and Earth-X would be instrumental to the ginormous superhero crossover. After all, the live-action appearance of the Vixen of the Vixen web series didn't amount to much more than a guest shot.

Interestingly, the image teasing the "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover also seems to reveal that Barry and Iris will at least be trying to tie the knot in the crossover, which... is pretty quick, all things considered. Sure, he's the fastest man alive, but weddings take a long time to plan!! I will suspend my disbelief about evil versions of superheroes posing a threat on another Earth in the multiverse, but I'm not sure I'll be able to buy a wedding planned so quickly unless The Flash sets it up well. These things take time!

In all seriousness, the image leaves out a lot of the side characters of the four Arrow-verse shows. Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, and Black Canary may be joining Oliver in the crossover, but we see no sign of Diggle or Felicity or Thea from Arrow. Supergirl is the only Supergirl character to be seen, although we do know that one other character from Kara's world will have a part to play in the crossover. Hopefully we can count on seeing some of these characters in the spotlight in the crossover. It does run for four hours over two nights.

The "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover will air on November 27 and 28, 2017. We'll have to wait and see how the Arrow-verse handles all these superheroes -- good and bad -- together in one crossover. Check out our fall TV premiere schedule to discover when all The CW's superhero shows will be back on the airwaves, and check out Netflix if you need to catch up on any of them.