See The First Look At DC's Constantine Series

Constantine is getting another series on television, and while it may not be live-action or on any network, the CW Seed animated series looks very promising for fans of the hero. See the first look at the series below.

That certainly has more blood, guts, and swearing any of the other live-action Arrow-verse shows out there. This animated Constantine series appears to be DC's attempt to bring a more authentic John Constantine to audiences that perhaps even surpasses the one popularized by Keanu Reeves. Whether or not the CW Seed series actually manages to succeed in that attempt is another story.

While nothing is a sure thing (especially with superhero adaptations), it appears this Constantine series is doing everything possible to ensure Arrow-verse fans like this animated project. It definitely helps that Matt Ryan, who has brought the character to life on the failed NBC series and Arrow, is back to voice the character. Ryan also voiced John Constantine in another DC animated feature this year, Justice League Dark, so his reprisal is hardly a surprise to anyone who has seen that.

Now that Constantine is set to happen on CW Seed, it's likely Matt Ryan's live-action John Constantine will be featured more often in Arrow-verse shows. In fact, it was just recently confirmed that Ryan is set to appear as the hero in one show this coming season, which sounds super exciting. His appearance wouldn't come as much of a surprise, as other CW Seed show heroes Vixen and The Ray have already appeared or are slated to appear in the Arrow-verse live action shows.

Arrow-verse fans should hope John Constantine appears in more of the live-action shows, as his episodes in the animated Constantine are only about 10 minutes in length. That's a hard pill to swallow after watching the 3 awesome minutes of footage above, but at least it's better than no Constantine at all. Hopefully, if the show turns out to be a success The CW might consider extending the episodes lengths, or maybe they'll even bring the live-action series back. The latter seems highly unlikely, but we can dream, right?

Constantine is slated to appear on CW Seed sometime in early 2018. That's a later start than most of the Arrow-verse shows, most of which are making their premiere this week, but the show should have the company of Black Lightning which should be premiering around that same time frame as well. For more on Constantine, check out this interview with David Goyer on why the live-action series was a flop. For more information regarding great fall programming and where to see the hottest shows of the season, visit our fall premiere guide.

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