One Stranger Things Star Is Hoping For A Larger Role In Season 3

Erica calling Lucas a nerd on Halloween

Stranger Things 2 has now been released for about a month, and the show's many fans are still reeling from its explosive and heartfelt sophomore season. The sequel helped to expand the mythology of Hawkins, Indiana, while pairing characters in new and interesting ways. There were also a handful of newcomers introduced, and one tertiary character has already become a fan favorite: Lucas' little sister Erica. While she only appeared in a few scenes throughout the season, her sassy attitude and unrelenting teasing of her dorky older brother was fantastic. And now actress Priah Ferguson has revealed that she's hoping her character will become a bit more involved in the action of the series next season. The young actress recently said,

I hope Erica could partner with Lucas and fight off the Demogorgan with Eleven, Mad Max, and the whole cast. I feel like her just snooping around in Lucas's room --- I feel like that's a little bit of a clue. But maybe not.

Priah Ferguson's comments to Teen Vogue may actually be a bold prediction for Stranger Things' third season. Considering how nosy Erica is, it would stand to reason that she might find out the secrets the pre-teens are currently trying to keep. The group has been through two major supernatural adventures, and it's going to be hard for them to keep the secret as more people are brought into the inner circle. So maybe Erica will force her way into the action, allowing for an even more youthful energy to be in the series as the main cast continues aging.

Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers also seem very enthused with Priah Ferguson's performance as Erica. They've already revealed that we'll be seeing much more Erica in Season 3, although it's unclear whether or not she'll actually be involved in the supernatural occurrences in Hawkins. So far the main group of leads have been able to get away with not drawing attention to the kids' family, and they'll likely want to keep it that way.

Of course, the Stranger Things main cast isn't going to be able to keep their secret indefinitely. Despite Dr. Brenner's assistance in wrapping up the loose ends, the Mind Flayer is still alive in The Upside Down, and he's clearly pissed about his temporary loss at the hands of Eleven. So even if it doesn't happen in Season 3, it seems unlikely that the various denizens of Hawkins are going to remain ignorant of the insidious forces at play. Mrs. Wheeler is another character who I'd love to see involved in the main conflict, after she was pushed to the sidelines in the second season.

Stranger Things 2 is currently streaming in its entirety on Netflix, complete with Priah Ferguson's Erica. And be sure to check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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