The Pre-Show Ritual The Full House And Fuller House Go Through Before Filming

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When they aren't plotting their next move to attempt to entice the Olsen twins back into the series, the cast of Fuller House is having a lot of fun. That fun happens to include a tradition that goes all the way back to the Full House days, and it involves the entire cast getting their scream on in a group huddle shortly before filming each show. D.J. Tanner-Fuller portrayer Candace Cameron Bure shared the ritual with outsiders and explained how it all goes down below:

We have pre-show rituals, which is like, we all gather hands in a huddle and we scream and yell and say things --- I pray --- and then we go 'And break!' And that's, like, our thing we do. And we've done it every episode on Full House and every episode on Fuller House.

The way she's explaining it sounds a little odd, but it ultimately doesn't seem as though the Fuller House crew does anything different than an NBA or NFL team may do before a game starts. If all the screaming and yelling doesn't break Candace Cameron Bure's prayer time, she certainly didn't mention it in her interview with Today. The real question is, who is doing all the screaming while everyone is joined hands and in a circle, and what are they saying? John Stamos seems as though he'd be a likely culprit for some Elvis lyrics, and if Dave Coulier's hand is anywhere near Mr. Woodchuck, you gotta imagine there's at least one weirdly pitched scream amongst the rest.

Beyond that, Candace Cameron Bure stated there aren't too many actual morning rituals the Fuller House cast shares, as opposed to pre-taping rituals, and it's mostly because they're all still trying to wake up. While her castmates Andrea Barber and Jodie Sweetin will say she's one of the hardest members of the cast to work with in the A.M. hours, Bure protests that she's the biggest morning person of the bunch. Considering she starts every day with a pretty vigorous workout, and sometimes follows it up with a trip to the farmers market to buy food for the day, it seems as though she's telling the truth. Those also sounds like very D.J. Tanner things to do, which is probably why Bure has been perfect in the role over the past couple decades. (But is that art imitating life, or the other way around?)

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