How The Punisher's Ebon Moss-Bachrach Wants Micro To Change In Season 2

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Spoiler alert for anyone who still hasn't finished The Punisher Season 1.

When The Punisher brought its stellar first season to a close, it was clear that Frank Castle's story wasn't finished. And neither was Micro's or Madani's, nor Billy Russo's. Luckily enough, Netflix announced today that The Punisher was renewed for Season 2, so we'll be catching back up with all those characters soon enough. CinemaBlend recently spoke with Micro portrayer Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and when I asked what he wanted to see from his character in the event of a second season, he had some solid ideas.

I would like to see Micro having to be in the world even more. Away from his safe cell phone or the computer monitor, and more sort of forced to deal with people. And maybe even forced to commit violence, or to have to do his own dirty work. That would be interesting. To me, the big question is, can he even go back? How is that relationship going back at home? That is a big question mark.

Let's break those two sides of the Micro coin down. For one, Season 2 will give Micro (a.k.a. David Lieberman) a comic-changed storyline that won't keep him barricaded inside a basement the whole time, save for minor location changes when Frank needed help. Granted, Micro is a solid hacker, so it makes sense to keep him in front of a wall of computers at some point in the story; just not the whole time. He might not have the fisticuffs skills that Frank has, nor the firearm proficiency, and Frank might not exactly be the best kind of mentor or teacher, but -- BUT -- Micro could definitely learn a lot from Frank in an ideal world. And he'll likely need to learn this kind of stuff if he's expected to get out into the field for Season 2.

The flip side of Micro's future involves reverting back to a home life with the family that spent a long time thinking he was dead. A lot of his Season 1 story revolved around emotional beats that undoubtedly meant a lot more to viewers with spouses and children of their own -- Ebon Moss-Bachrach amusingly referring to it as "emotional stuntwork" -- but will that thrust change whenever David is able to regularly connect with Sarah, Leo and Zach? Knowing how these shows work, it almost definitely won't be a smooth transition back to domestic life, since we watched both Sarah and Zach tackling some big mental issues in Season 1 that tied to David's absence. Sure, those issues might just magically fade away with David's return, but everyone will need some time to adjust back to the former status quo.

It should surprise no one that the actor would want to take on a more varied role in Season 2. While making sure that he didn't sound like he was complaining, Ebon Moss-Bachrach talked about how heavily his character's story lacked exterior shots.

I loved being outside. I spent the entire winter in a soundstage. I was starved for air and oxygen. I love to be outside. It was interesting to stay in this one place for so long. We got out in the woods a little bit. I never got to do as much stuff, I guess, as I would have liked to.

So it's pretty easy to understand why Ebon Moss-Bachrach is interested in Micro getting a bigger piece of the action pie in Season 2. And though the actor didn't mention this specifically, I would like to see Micro mixing it up with other characters, too, since he spent the majority of Season 1 only talking to Frank. I think he would be a good ally for Karen in hunting down information, as well as a good foil for Madani to bounce snark off of whenever Frank isn't around. Seeing Moss-Bachrach and Jaime Ray Newman together more often will be nice, too, especially if it's not just short-term sex sessions imbued with apologies.

While we're waiting to see where the story will go in Season 2, don't forget that all of The Punisher's 13 Season 1 episodes are available to stream on Netflix right now. In the meantime, head to our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule and our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule to see what'll be streaming in the near future. And then jump over to our 2018 midseason premiere lineup to see all the new and returning shows hitting the small screen next year.

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